Can You Really Marry Your College Sweetheart After All This Time?

Wondering what else is out there?
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Can You Really Marry Your College Sweetheart After All This Time?

Wondering if you should – or what else is out there?

-Julia Austin

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You probably know of some adorable couple that has been together for 50+ years. They met when they were 19 and just knew they were right for each other and have never once wavered since. It’s a nice story, right?

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I bet you’d rather that was your personal story than this one:
You date the anti-social med student, the forgetful stoner, and the egotistical stockbroker. You have your heart broken a dozen times. You have countless “what is wrong with me?” moments in your life before finally, around 30, you meet The One.  This second one sounds like a mess, huh? But you know what…it’s healthy to make a mess.

Sometimes in my singledom I think of all the smart, sweet guys I walked away from in my high school and college years just because I thought, there must be something better. I look at my friends who have been in the same relationship for years and I think, that must be nice. Having someone who knows you through and through—all your neuroses, your family drama, your insecurities—and loves you.

I particularly have thoughts like these on first dates. Starting from scratch can be so disheartening that I think life would be so much easier if I’d just stayed with Dylan or Johnny or insert name of college sweetheart here.

At times like those, perhaps because it is the only thing I can do to keep myself from calling up Johnny or Dylan, I reason with myself. And maybe this reasoning isn’t so far off.

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One thought on “Can You Really Marry Your College Sweetheart After All This Time?

  1. I don't think so. Usually, when you marry somebody in your early twenties, there's a high possibility of a divorce simply because you are both young and in a year or two you might find another person with whom you'd want to spend the rest of your life. I remember dating one boy in college, having thought of marrying him but everything just ended. We were pretty steady but when I was spending more time on my dissertation than him, he didn't like it. We talked about it and I started consulting with… to get my thesis done as quickly as possible so that we can have more time for each other. But when I finally handed in my paper and came home I found him with another girl.And it sucked. All my dreams became ashes. Basically college boys want to have fun and not get married. Probably, in a couple of years they will change but that might be too late for me.

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