Should You Mention You Want Kids in Your Online Dating Profile?

No, you don't want kids immediately, but you're thinking about them. Do you write that you do, or leave it blank? Sparkology's dating experts weigh in!
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Whether you want kids or not, always include this information in your profile. I am a huge advocate of your profile being the best version of you, but it should also be honest. There’s no point in duping someone into dating you and then being on different wavelengths on the idea of kids. Sometimes people change their minds; but, if you are sure of what you want, be honest about it.

Taylor Cast is a dating and relationship expert and co-owner of The Urban Dater. Taylor’s also the author of I Made All the Mistakes (So You Don’t Have To).

You should definitely mention your intentions re: parenthood, but keep them limited to the preferences section. Many dating sites will ask about kiddies upfront with a box to check how important children are to you. Choose the appropriate drop-down, but hold off on writing about it in your profile. Online is the place to meet matches, and you don’t want to get ahead of yourself or alienate potentials.

Laurie Davis is an online dating coach, the founder of  The Flirt Expert and author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating (publication date February 2013, Simon & Schuster).

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I believe that it’s okay to mention this on your profile, but just know that this may turn off quite a few people initially. Not so much because they may not want kids, but it might be misconstrued as a warning sign that you are ready to get locked down ASAP.

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