Simon Cowell Says "I'm Sorry”

Stop the presses - Simon Cowell, cruelest of the cruel, just apologized.


Simon Cowell Says “I’m Sorry”

Simon apologizes for making Susan Boyle, kids, cry

– Carrie Seim

Simon CowellStop the presses — Simon Cowell, cruelest of the cruel, just apologized.

In a lengthy and frank essay for the Daily Mail, the American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent host sounds like he might even have an actual heart.

Simon discusses the recent breakdowns of 10-year-old Hollie Steel, 11-year-old Aidan Davis and crazy-lady-year-old Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, which Simon hosts and produces.

“I’m the first to hold my hands up and admit I’ve made mistakes,” he writes, adding, “I didn’t get into show business to make little children cry or upset a nice lady like Susan Boyle.”

Simon describes the feeling of watching 10-year-old Hollie crying as she forgot the words of her song in front of millions as “awful.”

And he admits to apologizing to Aidan after calling his street dancing “lackluster.”

“Moral of the story?” Simon writes, “I don’t always get it right.”
Simon then shares his concern for Susan Boyle and the effects the pressures of instant fame (and a loss on the show’s finale) have had on her. He catalogues his personal conversations with Susan and her family and his worry for her stability, along with his conclusion that this experience has ultimately been beneficial for her.

Simon also clears up some of the mystery behind Susan’s frequent disappearing acts before Britain’s Got Talent live tour stops. He explains that Susan is allowed to participate in the tour on her own terms. Whenever she felt too exhausted, she can elect not to sing.
In a shockingly kind gesture, he adds that “the nights she has performed have been incredible.”

Could this be true? The Simon we all love to hate, admitting he’s not God’s gift to coldhearted decision making?

Or maybe it isn’t so surprising after all.

Simon has always been my favorite Idol judge, because instead of blowing smoke up anyone’s windpipe, he gives it to them straight. If they suck, they suck. And no cuddly word vomit from Paula Abdul or wishy-washy “check it, dawg” from Randy Jackson is going to change that. Simon refuses to settle for less than the best – every single night. Even if you detest him, you have to respect his brutal honesty.

So it’s refreshing to see Simon being as brutally honest about himself and his own mistakes as he is toward vulnerable contestants. As Simon says, “If, like me, you make a living from criticizing people on television, then you can’t complain when people turn the tables and criticize you.”

No criticism from us, Simon. We applaud you for a superb performance.

Although, Susan Boyle aside, we’d still like to hear one more “I’m sorry” from Simon Cowell. A formal apology for all the endless nights of v-necks and man boobs you’ve put us through. We’ll be waiting.

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