Singer Jayme Dee Dishes On Her Hunger Games Soundtrack Debut

The gorgeous and gifted Jayme Dee chats with us about the 'The Hunger Games,' chocolate, and what she'll wow us with next. We've even got the video for you to check out!
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Singer Jayme Dee Dishes On Her ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack Debut

The gorgeous and gifted Jayme Dee chats with us about ‘The Hunger Games,’ chocolate, and what she’ll wow us with next. We’ve even got the video for you to check out!

-Diana Denza

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                     Photo Credit:Trever Hoehne

Budding singing sensation Jayme Dee began her career with a guitar, a YouTube account, and an unforgettable voice. From impeccably performed covers to compelling original tracks, this 20-year-old has proven her talent time after time.

And after millions of clicks and countless hours of practice, her hard work has paid off in a major way. This charming California girl’s song, “Rules,” is featured on the Hunger Games soundtrack (which recently hit #1 on iTunes).

We chatted with Jayme about how the Hunger Games changed her life and what she’ll be up to now that the odds are most certainly in her favor.

BettyConfidential: When did you start singing?

Jayme Dee: I think I’ve been singing ever since I could open my mouth! Growing up, music was around the house a ton because my mom is a voice and violin teacher. I think the first performance I had was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” age 4, at a recital. I’ve got to find that in the old family VHSs somewhere!

BC: Who are your biggest influences?

JD: I’ve always been a sucker for the classics: Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and The Beatles. More modern influences on my music would be Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple, and maybe just a little bit of John Mayer.

BC: Who do you most want to collaborate with in the future?

JD: My dream collaboration would be John Mayer, because he’s kind of the love of my life. I believe we’re musical soul mates!

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BC: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

JD: Chocolate. Definitely Chocolate.

BC: Were you always a Hunger Games fan?

JD: Yes! I read each book probably in 24-48 hours. I had to stop myself from buying the 2nd and 3rd ones right away because I was busy and knew I wouldn’t get anything done and would stay up all night reading if they were in my house!

Read how the “Rules” came to be on the Hunger Games soundtrack, her video and more, next!

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