Single For The Holidays: Single Bells, Single Bells

Five reasons why being single for the holidays is awesome!
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Single For The Holidays: Single Bells, Single Bells

Five reasons why being single for the holidays is awesome!

-Kelly Smith Beaty

Single for the holidays

2010 was filled with silent nights, and there will be no one particularly special waiting underneath the mistletoe. So while the holidays are sure to be jolly for some, we single women are often left looking for one good reason to deck the halls. 

Well singlelistas, have no fear! Santa’s single elves are here with 5 holiday gifts that only we fab, single, divas can truly be thankful for!

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5. Peace on Earth
You may not automatically realize it, but we’re free to celebrate the season with the peace of mind that many merry matrons could only dream of. There’s no fight over whose relatives we’ll spend the holidays with or no battle of the in-laws, because the only families that matter are our own. Who better to share the magic of the season with than our original Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause? So this year, when you’re sitting around the fire, opening your presents with your family, don’t mourn the absence of your nagging mother-in-law. Rejoice in remembering that you’ve always had all the love you’ll ever truly need.

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4. Good Will towards Men
Let’s be honest. There are a lot of angry wives in the world right now, and this holiday season will bring no exception. Between all the stories of rogue text messages and hubbies gone astray, we should be glad that we don’t have to spend the last days of this decade being angry over love gone wrong.  I’m not saying that all marriages are bad, but I’m certainly not saying that all of them are good. For example, imagine how Mrs. Longoria-Parker/just-Longoria-again must feel. Celebrate the serenity in your life. Be thankful for the ones that made you smile, the ones that could have been “the one,” and the ones that were just good enough for dinner at that restaurant that you would have never taken yourself to.  Be happy for your health and your sanity. Be happy in your happiness and your ability to freely spread joy to the world!

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