Sizzling! Daniel Craig's Top 5 Sexiest Moments

The star of Cowboys & Aliens has had a long past steaming up the big screen.

Sizzling! Daniel Craig’s Top 5 Sexiest Moments

The star of Cowboys & Aliens has had a long past steaming up the big screen.

-Faye Brennan

Daniel Craig

Ooh, Daniel Craig. He may be the only man in Hollywood that can make a movie about aliens invading an old Western town filled with cowboys look good. While the guys may be lining up this weekend to see the action (and Olivia Wilde), the ladies will be buying tickets for Cowboys and Aliens to drool over the sexy Craig for two hours. With that face, that body, those piercing blue eyes… who could say no?

This isn’t the first time Mr. Craig has carried a movie with his sizzling good looks. In fact, here are five other moments that made us swoon for him:

1. Shower Scene in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Daniel Craig shirtless

Before he made it big as the latest James Bond, Craig showed off his sexy side in small roles, such as 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Who can forget the scene when he comes out of the shower–butt naked–to find Angelina Jolie had been in his room? She later said he was one of the “best kissers” in the business. If only we could test that theory.

1. Love Scenes in Casino Royale

Before he discovers his Bond girl in Casino Royale is really the enemy, Craig and actress Eva Greene share a few passionate, and incredibly romantic, scenes — proving “Bond, James Bond” can be a monogamous, one-woman kind of man. The scenes left women everywhere wishng it was them rolling around in the sheets with the secret agent.

2. Love scene in Quantum of Solace

He brought the heat once again as the seductive Bond in Quantum of Solace. This video of him kissing all the way up Gemma Arterton’s back says it all. Anyone else feeling shivers right now?

4. Cross-dressing for a good cause

What’s hotter than a man who knows he’s hot? A man who’s comfortable enough in his own skin to wear a dress, heels and a wig — for a good cause. Earlier this year, Craig starred in the short, “James Bond Supports International Women’s Day” dressed in drag, as Judy Dench explained just how different women are treated than men. In our eyes, any guy who will put himself in our shoes is one who deserves to be adored.

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5. Marrying Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

We’re big fans of the lovely Rachel Weisz, but we’re even bigger fans of Rachel and Daniel’s real life love affair. As we watched their relationship grow, we realized just how much of a stand up guy Daniel is. He kept their bond private–so private, in fact, that no one knew they got married last month until after the fact! That kind of love is rare in Hollywood. And, although that means Daniel is a a taken man now, it just makes us like him even more knowing he’s the real deal!

Tell us: what’s your favorite Daniel Craig moment?

Faye Brennan is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. My favorite Daniel Craig moment? Seeing him perform on Broadway with Hugh Jackman in the play “A Steady Rain” and seeing him give a brilliant performance, totally against type. Oh, and meeting him after the show!

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