Ask The Mouthy Housewives: I'm Dating Again And Am Confused About Waxing

What is the protocol on hair "down there”?

Ask The Mouthy Housewives: I’m Dating Again And Am Confused About Waxing

What is the protocol on hair “down there”?

-The Mouthy Housewives

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Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’m back on the dating market after a long, drawn-out divorce and eager to meet a new guy. I know this is a little ridiculous, but my question is: do men prefer natural hair down below, or the 100% waxed, Brazilian look? And why?


To Wax or Not to Wax

Dear Wax No Wax,

Here at the Mouthy Housewives, we go that extra mile for our readers. So I decided to conduct a formal research project by polling men on this topic. I selected all of the men in my Facebook friends list and asked if they preferred a nude hoo-haa or a naturally hairy one and why. Two days later I find myself with no male friends on Facebook. I don’t understand what happened?

But who needs Facebook?! While at the library, I polled the men who happened to be there that day, which most were on an outing from an assisted living facility. I don’t think the elderly know what a Brazlian wax job is because they kept telling me to wash my mouth out with soap. What does that have to do with pubic hair?

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In the end I could only get poll results from my husband and one of his friends. My research shows the following:

50% of men prefer a well-groomed natural look since a fully denuded hoo-haa reminds them of a prepubescent girl.

50% of men prefer a Brazilian waxed hoo-haa for its cleanliness and ease of maneuverability.

Are you wondering what in the world “ease of maneuverability” means in terms of lady bits? Me too! Then I realized that particular male subject is a close descendant of Sasquatch, thus having enough body hair for two people. Add any more hair into the mix and the friction creates a fire hazard.

So unless you are dating Sasquatch’s great great-grandson, I say it’s up to you. Some women swear the Brazilian upkeep brings more pleasure, and while I don’t reject the hypothesis, I do reject the pain, especially if the man doesn’t reciprocate by also waxing his manly bits. A full Brazilian, a bushy Sasquatch, or somewhere in between, discover your preference and forget the men.


Heather, TMH

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5 thoughts on “Ask The Mouthy Housewives: I'm Dating Again And Am Confused About Waxing

  1. That’s funny! I like how you polled the old people at the library! I have been wondering the same thing as the reader who asked the question, especially since it seems like most women wax down there now.

  2. Funny survey..I also found myself dating again,34 years with the same woman, tell me things have changed. I still prefer pubic hair to be alittle above my fingers when my palm is on that special place..I have body hair and keep it trimmed to that same legnth. Most women like my chest and pubic hair, a couple didnt,thats ok, I think they would have preferred me to have breasts too. but what the hell I like breasts also…badboy in cognito?perhaps

  3. You don’t have to wax; in order to wax, you must let it grow long enough to wax (sorry for the tautology). Just shave. If you do so every day (and it does not take long), you will have no stubble, and it will be as smooth as silk. Ta-da! And, as for me (a female), the sensation is much stronger without hair….

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