"Smize Yourself!” With Tyra Banks' New iPhone + iPad App

Looking for an easy way to perfect your smizing skills? There's an app for that: Tyra Banks' new "Smize Yourself!” iPhone and iPad app!

“Smize Yourself!” With Tyra Banks’ New iPhone + iPad App

Looking for an easy way to perfect your smizing skills? There’s an app for that: Tyra Banks’ new “Smize Yourself!” iPhone and iPad app!

-Lucia Peters

Tyra Banks Smize Yourself

Smizing isn’t just for models anymore!

Media mogul and America’s Next Top Model mastermind Tyra Banks’ latest venture takes her best-known concept, “smizing”—that is, smiling with your eyes—to the next level. With her new “Smize Yourself!” app for the iPhone and iPad ($1.99, itunes.apple.com), normal, everyday people can get their best smize on—with a little digital help, of course.

Smize Yourself lesson

The app uses facial morphing technology to adjust users’ faces for the ultimate smize. Tyra herself walks you through how to use the app in a video introduction, and then cheers you on while you get down to business. After you’ve smized yourself, you can then share your pics on Facebook and Twitter, as well as save them within the app itself.

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Tyra Banks Smize Yourself album

“On Instagram and Twitter, millions of people send me pictures asking, ‘Am I smizing?,’ ‘Can you teach me how to smize?,’ ‘Is it fierce enough?,” Tyra told Mashable about the creation of the app. “It’s about the marketplace… If they are asking for advice, we created an app based on that.”

But does it work? Well… that’s debatable. Some found the results made them look like aliens; others felt they’d been turned into real-life anime girls. Tyra suggested that the app might best be used when sexting, because sexiness is in the eyes and in not revealing too much; but to be honest, we’re not totally sure we’d want to share these photos with anyone we’re trying to impress.

Curious? Head on over to the iTunes store and give it a try—and don’t forget to share your results with us on Facebook!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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