Snack Smart

Trends and tips to tame the snacker in all of us!

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Snack Smart

Trends and tips to tame the snacker in all of us!

-Courtesy of Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine,

SnacksAccording to a new poll, 85 percent of women admit to snacking between meals and eat two snacks a day on average. The poll also found that 53 percent of women thought that snacking either prevented women from losing weight or caused them to gain weight but 24 percent say it’s helped them lose weight.

“Planning your snacks can take the edge off hunger and prevent mealtime pig-outs. The trick is to make the most of your in-between-meal noshing by choosing the right foods,” said Lisa Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief of ShopSmart. “So we put together a guide to help you curb those urges by identifying the top snacking triggers – like going to the movies and the food court at the mall – so that you can plan ahead and avoid the temptations.”

Some Interesting Snacking Trends:

• Over two fifths (41 percent) of women who snack claim their snacking habits have been affected by the slowing economy.
• For most part, this impact has been positive with nearly one quarter (23 percent) snacking more healthily and 17 percent snacking less often.
• Fifteen percent of women hide snacks from their spouse, coworkers and friends.
• Thirty-five percent rarely or never check nutrition labels on snacks.
• Chocolate is the No. 1 addictive snack, with 24 percent unable to resist the temptation. Chips and pretzels were No. 2 at 19 percent.
• Women curb snack attacks by drinking water (78 percent) and/or keeping busy (73 percent).
• The 25 percent of women who routinely skip breakfast are more likely to snack in the middle of the night, down a big bag of chips in one sitting, and munch out in front of the TV when they were not hungry.

Top 5 Triggers to Mindless Munching:

1. Going to the movies: To avoid theater pig-outs, go to since you are more apt to stave off temptation knowing how much fat and calories are in movie snacks. You can also limit the damage by purchasing the smallest bag and resisting the urge to super-size or add on with a package deal for popcorn, soda and candy.

2. Shopping at the mall: Avoid shopping during mealtimes so you can bypass the food court when you are most prone to hunger. If it is mealtime, choose wisely at the food court by getting to know the healthy options available at fast food chains. Or, come prepared with your own peanut-butter sandwich or small bag of trail mix so the only decision you’ll have to make is what to drink.

3. Feeling tired and stressed: When your day is going downhill, find other outlets like deep breathing or a quick stroll to squelch the urge to eat. Hide tempting treats in the back of the cupboard or the fridge and wrap them in foil so you don’t see them. Research also shows that getting enough sleep will keep you from eating high-carb snacks at night.

4. Going to a party: Navigate past eye-catching spreads by planning your plate. As soon as you arrive, grab a low-cal, non-alcoholic drink to keep one of your hands occupied, making it difficult to pile food on a plate or use a knife and fork. Then, scan the whole buffet, fill your plate once and then hit the breaks. And, try staying more than arm’s length away from the food; having to get up to reach the snack bowls will slow you down and make you more conscious of how much you are eating.

5. Zoning out in front of the TV: Prevent overeating in front of the TV by separating the activities: focus on enjoying your food, and then watch TV. Divide and conquer by putting snacks in small baggies and eat just one. Along the same lines, do not eat from the carton or box – put it on a plate or in a bowl and eat just that much.

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  1. I’m the worst late night snacker. I’ve tried soooo hard to change this habit and it;s never worked, so I just made sure I had healthier, yet yummy snacking options.

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