Snooki's Engagement Ring, Up Close and Personal

Want a closer look at Snooki's engagement ring? Here you go!

Snooki’s Engagement Ring, Up Close and Personal

Want a closer look at Snooki’s engagement ring? Here you go!

-Lucia Peters

Snooki Jionni

In case you missed the memo, Snooki did finally confirm that she is both pregnant and engaged; in fact, it’s Us Weekly’s cover story this week (clearly those rumors about her brokering a deal with the gossip mag were true). As conflicted as I feel about a baby being born into the Jersey Shore world (especially to a young couple—they’re both only 24), congratulations? I guess? Well, yes; congratulations to the happy couple. My quibbles aside, it’s still a time for celebration.

Anyway, just in case there was still any doubt about it, that ring that the Snooks was spotted sporting earlier in the week is indeed an engagement ring. Want to see it up close and personal? Here you go, courtesy of People:

Snooki's engagement ring

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This, my friends, is an eternity band with two carats of diamonds topped with a 3.2-carat princess-cut diamond set in platinum. Niiiiiice.

Apparently, Snooki took then-boyfriend, now-fiancé Jionni LaValle with her to B&B Jewelers, located in Wayne, New Jersey, at the end of last year to pick up a birthday present for her dad (we’re not really sure what Snooki’s dad wanted with a set of diamond bangles, but whatever)—and while they were there, she pointed out some engagement ring settings she dug. Jionni, it seems, took notes.

People spoke to storeowner Ben Bekdas about how Jionni went about choosing Snooki’s ring. “She wanted something very nice, something that’s gonna [sic] be timeless and with diamonds all around,” he said. “And that’s what he actually got her.”

The ring was custom-made, and as seems to be the case with all celebrity proposals, Jionni had a hand in the design himself. After that first trip to the store, he came back with some specific ideas, after which he collaborated with the store’s staff until they settled on a design. The cost? Roughly $55,000. Wowzers.

Said Bekdas, “They’re phenomenal stones. And it was all custom-built the way they asked for it.” Well, congrats again, you two crazy kids.

Tell us: What do you think of Snooki’s engagement ring?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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0 thoughts on “Snooki's Engagement Ring, Up Close and Personal

  1. Well, good luck actually wearing it with those diamonds all the way around! I feel sorry for the diamonds on the bottom, which will take a beating. I guess practicality was the furthest thing from their minds, or maybe she isn’t actually planning to wear it for long.

  2. actually, I have three bands with diamonds all the way around, and I’ve worn them for over 20 years with no problems. Of course I don’t behave the way Snooki does, so who knows what beating HER ring will take… I like the ring, Snooki? Not so much.

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