So What Do Guys Really Think of Betty's 30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy List?'s "Sic Willie” reviews Betty's suggestions on being sexy.

So What Do Guys Really Think of Betty’s 30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy List?’s “Sic Willie” reviews Betty’s suggestions on being sexy.

-Libby Keatinge

30 little things has a hilarious review of our list of 30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy. From giving props to our clothing suggestions to not-so-subtle recommendations to sex up some of our tips,’s own alpha male “Sic Willie” gives his deadpan opinion on our list. So, how did we do?

Sic loved our summer apparel tip:

1. Wear a sundress on a hot, sticky day. Bras need not apply.

Sic’s verdict: Yes. Definitely.

However, he amusingly suggested that not wearing any clothes at all could be kicked up a notch if we brought along a friend and had her jump in on the action.

15. Take your clothes off without apology.

Sic’s verdict: Yes. And then take her clothes off, too.

Hey, Sic’s a guy, we can’t blame him for trying.

While many of our suggestions got Sic all fired up, like our number 19. Forget to wear underwear, to which he replied “Commando! Yeah,” Sic was left scratching his head by other tips:

3. Use interesting vocabulary words in intellectual conversations.

Sic’s verdict: Wait … what? Did you say something?


6. Tell him the truth when he asks what you want for your birthday / Valentine’s / Fourth of July.

Sic’s verdict: Fourth of July? Otherwise yes … I am not a mind-reader.

Check out the full review here. You’ll be rolling on the floor after you read this, which will probably just get Sic even more excited and confused.

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