Soma Intimates Needs Your Bras!

Donate a bra, help women in need.

Soma Intimates Needs Your Bras!

Donate a bra, help women in need.

-Evette Brown



You might have donated a pair of cute jeans, a worn pair of stilettos, or even children’s books, but have you ever donated to a bra to help women in homeless shelters or victims of domestic violence? You probably haven’t because I haven’t either, but here’s our chance!

Soma Intimates  is having their third biannual Giving is Beautiful  bra donation drive to help women in need support their breasts! From now until August 14th, find a Soma Intimates boutique in your area or find out where to mail your bras, if a store isn’t close by. Donate as many of your used bras as you can bear to part with.

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Even if the bra can’t be worn, donate it anyway! The Soma Intimates boutique will send these donations to The Bra Recyclers, an organization that keeps bras out of the landfill.

Soma has collected more than 68,000 bras during the Giving is Beautiful drive, but the boutique is determined to collect 150,000! Help them reach their goal and give a bra to a less fortunate woman.

Sounds like a win-win to me. So, what are you waiting for? Find a Soma Intimates’ location near you and donate a bra.

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