Soooooo Yoko Ono Designed a Menswear Line…

You guys. Yoko Ono designed a menswear line. And you can actually BUY IT.
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These Hand Trousers ($335,

Hand trousers

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And my personal favorite, a Lightbulb Bra ($250,

Yoko Ono lightbulb bra

Practically speaking, do these pieces make sense as clothing? Not really, but then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Yoko. Love her or hate her, you’ve got to respect her sheer gumption. She does whatever she does, no matter how many naysayers there are or how loudly they’re saying nay at her. More power to you, Yoko.

Head on over to Opening Ceremony to check out the rest of the line. For the curious, you can also purchase a poster based off of Yoko’s artistic rendering of a person’s behind ($25, Just sayin’.

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