Sparkle Like Kim K and Eva Longoria in Loren Ridinger Jewels

Loren Ridinger has created a lust-worthy and affordable line of jewelry for HSN. We learned what inspired her, how she got her start and what to do to make it in this crazy world.

Sparkle Like Kim K and Eva Longoria in Loren Ridinger Jewels

Loren Ridinger has created a lust-worthy and affordable line of jewelry for HSN.  We learned what inspired her, how she got her start and what to do to make it in this crazy world.

-Diana Denza

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For fine jewelry designer Loren Ridinger, each day is chock full of new partnerships, tons of planning, and more than a few precious gems. And her hard work has paid off big time: close friends Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria (pictured above in Loren’s jewelry) have been spotted on more than a few occasions in her colorful creations! Now, we all have a chance to add a little bling to our holiday ensembles with brand new pieces from Yours by Loren, available on

We chatted with Ridinger about her inspirations, where she got her start, and the accessories you need to be a star this season. Call us charmed.

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BettyConfidential: What was your inspiration for the Yours by Loren collection?

Loren Ridinger: My inspiration for the creation of Yours by Loren was really my dream of always wanting to have an affordable, fine jewelry line for women everywhere. This inspiration came to me after I had created Loren Jewels. Not everyone has the luxury of spending a fortune on jewels, but with Yours by Loren, you can look like you did at an affordable price! The collection has been a fantasy for me and I am so excited to see everything come together. All of the pieces are beautiful and people can create the look and feel that works for their personal style. I love offering inspiration and motivation in everything I do which is why I made sure that every piece is as incredible as the women who will be wearing them. Yours by Loren is my gift to you this holiday season and I hope the collection inspires you to be your most glamorous everywhere you go!

BC: How do you want women to feel when they wear your pieces?

LR: I want women to feel beautiful, glamorous, and fashionable. Each woman has her own unique style and that’s what I love about my new line. It allows women to mix and match the pieces and create the look that works for their personal style in this fine jewelry line.

BC: Who do you most want to see wear your jewelry?

LR: Everyone! That’s the wonderful thing about Yours by Loren collection– anyone can wear the jewelry! It’s versatile enough for any daytime look and glamorous for any evening look. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a busy entrepreneur, Yours by Loren pieces are made for anyone who wants fine jewelry at an affordable price.

BC: Which pieces would you wear over the holidays and why?

 yours by loren bangle

LR: The Yours by Loren smoky quartz and white quartz vermeil bangle ($1,129.90, , because I love to stack bracelets together! The oval smoky quartz mingled with sparkling white quartz gives the right amount of rich color and sparkle to your outfit. I like to pair it with my favorite earrings and a turquoise dress for the perfect holiday look. Chocolate and turquoise are always a smashing color combination!

 yours by loren green vermeil ring

Another piece I love for the holidays is the Yours by Loren green agate smoky quartz vermeil ring ($339.90, It’s the PERFECT color for the holiday season and the green agate cabochon takes center stage atop a sea of smoky quartz. This ring looks great with a pair of dark jeans and a beige cashmere sweater. This creates the perfect day to evening look and you will always be ready for that last minute holiday party!

 yours by loren moonstone and onyx ring

If you’re heading to a cocktail party, the Yours by Loren rainbow moonstone and black onyx ring ($359.90,  is perfect! This ring has the right amount of sparkle, and combined with the white zircons on an intricate gallery, you have your statement piece! This is one of my favorite holiday accessories and is paired perfectly with a little black cocktail dress or a pair of black pants and a bold colored blouse. No necklace or earrings necessary!

 yours by loren earrings

Another one of my favorites is the Yours by Loren canary lemon quartz and white topaz pink vermeil earrings ($229, Pair these sparkling earrings with an armful of gems and a long thin necklace and you can wear these from day into evening in perfect fashionable harmony! I wear hoops with everything. Always my favorite piece of jewelry!

 yours by loren white topaz ring

Finally, the Yours by Loren white quartz and white topaz sterling silver ring ($199.90,  is the perfect accessory to pair with a fabulous pair of skinny jeans, pointy toed boots, and a crisp white blouse. I also like to pair this ring with a bold colored dress or sequined blouse and some fabulous black patent peep-toe pumps. Wear it casual or dressy! It’s all about sparkle this holiday season and this piece says it all!

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BC: Why did you choose to make Yours by Loren available via HSN?

LR: The demographics of HSN are unbelievable. It’s a network geared mostly towards women and is seen in 97 million homes. There is an affordable price point for the products sold on the network and I happen to love the variety of products they sell. When we first spoke about a potential partnership, I had already envisioned the pieces in this fine jewelry line and this whole concept came together seamlessly. I have really enjoyed meeting and working with several members of the HSN team and I have already become very close to many of them. It truly is like a family, just like and I love that. Yours by Loren will be sold on HSN and on

BC: What’s next for your jewelry line?

LR: More fabulous pieces! I am going to continue making appearances on HSN and we have a new collection coming out for spring, with even more fabulous pieces for this fine jewelry line!

BC: Not only have you created jewelry lines, but you’re also an avid blogger on top of serving as Senior VP of Market America. How are you able to juggle so many different projects?

LR: It’s a combination of many things. I think prioritizing and organization is key to any successful business. I always make sure to do the hardest, most challenging tasks first so that I have the rest of the day to do the things I love. I also write a to-do list and always make sure to email myself or take notes throughout the day as reminders. Lastly, following up is critical. Most people don’t succeed or get ahead because they forget to follow up! You always have to make sure you finish what you started.

BC: You’re doing so much now, but where did you start out?

LR: I was the officer manager at a small company at the beginning. My husband, JR, was a consultant for the company. We met and immediately hit it off. He had both a brilliant plan and the vision for creating a company that would provide a business to enable anyone to create financial freedom for themselves. At the time, I was only 18 years old, but JR is brilliant and his plan was brilliant. I’d never seen anything like it. As young as I was, I was also very outgoing, persistent, and motivated. I believed in JR’s vision and encouraged him to start the company. Along with my brother, (current MA Chief Operating Officer), Marc Ashley, we set our goals and began Market America.

BC: What words of advice do you have for female entrepreneurs or designers?

LR: My favorite quote: “You become what you think about all the time.” Here are five things you should think about before giving up:

1. You will never know if you can go past your limitation if you don’t push yourself.

2. Always have a goal in mind.

3. Finish what you started, and know that what you are doing will inspire someone else.

4. Do what you love.

5. Believe in yourself and have courage.

BC: You’re involved with charities like Make-a-Wish and the American Heart Association. How can women with a lot on their plates take time out of their busy lives to do good?

LR: This is something that is very dear to my heart and we must make time to give back. I think that you must make the time to help others succeed and those in need. I think what is most important is recognizing those who are making a difference and giving as much as possible. Life is not only about what you accomplish, but how many lives you touch and help along the way!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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