Spiked Cider, Candy + Other Holiday Treats That Can Damage Your Skin

Unfortunately the holiday foods you crave may not be good for you.
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1. Sugar/sweets: Gingerbread cookies, candy canes, sweet pies

Dr Stuart says, “Sugar speeds up the process of collagen and elastin breakdown, causing tissues to become weak or inflexible. This is the quickest way to develop wrinkles.” If you must have something sweet, ration yourself.

2. Deli trays and cooked meats

Yes, those cold cut platters look tempting at gatherings, especially after a long day at work. But be careful. Dr. Friedman states, “Animal protein is acidic and creates an environment suitable for harmful, acne-causing bacteria. As the acidic environment overtakes the body’s alkaline properties, the body is thrown out of balance-–harmful bacteria’s ideal stomping ground.” Don’t forget that those tempting deli tray meats contain a high amount of sodium, which means you may retain water. Try grabbing a salad instead.

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3. Alcohol

You’ve probably heard it all ready, but alcohol will dehydrate you. According to Dr. Friedman, “Alcohol dehydrates the skin, stripping it of its plump, firm appearance. The holiday skin hangover is the perfect recipe to promote the growth of bad collagen and scar tissue.”

If you’re going to have a glass (or two) of holiday cheer, don’t forget to also have a couple of glasses of water to prevent your skin looking dull. Bonus round: the water will help your head the next day too.

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