Spiked Cider, Candy + Other Holiday Treats That Can Damage Your Skin

Unfortunately the holiday foods you crave may not be good for you.
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cup of tea

4. Caffeine

As much as you love the warmth and comfort of hot tea, coffee and chocolate, be careful because caffeine’ s a diuretic and that warm drink will actually dehydrate your system. It can also cause insomnia and more. Dr Friedman adds, “Caffeine also disrupts sleep patterns, triggers stress hormones, and causes spots and oily skin.”

Try limiting your caffeine intake or look for decaffeinated versions to drink in the afternoon and night.

5. Dairy

When it comes to dairy, a little can go a long, long way. As Dr. Stuart says, “Dairy, like milk and cheese contain naturally occurring growth hormones. These hormones are added to the individual’s own level of hormones that are already found in the body, resulting in a hormonal increase that is directly associated with oily skin and acne.”

Want to keep it in check? Try non-fat, skim or diet versions of Egg Nog and other holiday treats.

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In reality there’s no way you can ignore pumpkin shaped candy, Sweet Potatoe pie or a Brandy Alexander during the holidays. We know this, but to keep your health and your skin glowing, keep drinking your 8 glasses of water a day and maintain portion control.

Doctors Stuart and Friedman want to remind you that the holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends and (the occasional) decadent meal. Use these tips as an arsenal against excessive indulgence – enjoy wisely.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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