Stay Skinny This Summer!

Five fail-safe techniques to battle barbecue season.
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Cool off with water, not sugar or alcohol. “Summer drinks can sabotage a weight-loss plan,” says Dena McDowell, M.S., R.D., a nutritional expert for the weight-management program TOPS Club, Inc. Besides sugary soda and high-calorie energy and sports drinks, liquor can also be a diet derailer. Says McDowell, “A 6 ounce margarita is about 300 calories, while wine coolers and beer yield anywhere from 100-150 calories per serving. It’s better to stay hydrated with plain water, or to have a white wine spritzer, which has fewer calories and less alcohol than a regular glass of wine.

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0 thoughts on “Stay Skinny This Summer!

  1. weetziebat says:

    These are good tips – esp. steering clear of macaroni and potato salad! Besides, they can go bad in the hot weather unless they’re properly prepared and displayed…

  2. singingnymph says:

    Excellent advice! The kind they give at Weight Watchers. So yes, Ladies, this works!
    You can also offer to make some sugarless sun tea ahead of time & bring that.

  3. Melfunkshn says:

    This is all pretty “duh” stuff. Anyone with common sense would know not to overeat and that green salad is better than potato. Very disappointing article.

  4. eatingcookies says:

    I think that there was an important aspect of drinking plenty of water that was missed here: hydration. Not only are alcoholic drinks caloric, sugary, and likely to take a whack at your decision making abilities, but they also zap your body’s hydration and in the hot-hot-heat, this can be dangerous. If you do decide to indulge in a cocktail, have a TON of water, too! Bonus – being hydrated helps with weight loss too, as water retention can happy if you lose too much.

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