Style Expert Mary Alice Stephenson: What to Wear Now!

Shake up your wardrobe with fun summer beauty and fashion trends to try out on a summer's day or night!
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Style Expert Mary Alice Stephenson: What to Wear Now!

Shake up your wardrobe with fun summer beauty and fashion trends to try out on a summer’s day or night!

-Brittany Roshelle Davis

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As I write this article, my nails are painted in alternating deep crimson red and bold purple nail polish colors. And my toes? They’re painted orange with white zebra stripes. I haven’t had this much fun with fashion in years and I’m not alone. Women everywhere are embracing themselves and stepping outside their comfort zone. Fashion and beauty expert, editor, stylist and Sally Hansen style advisor, Mary Alice Stephenson is here to keep us up to date on the hottest fashion trends and let us in on her red carpet beauty secrets:

What colors are really trendy right now?

In regards to color, there are two directions: color blocking and vibrant, over-the-top in your face color that we’re seeing on the runway from people like Gucci. There is also this idea of matching all in one color, or putting two or three crazy colors together like purple and orange. Bright bold colors are in. like toxic green, yellow, berry blue, or orange.

 gucci spring summer 2011

The other big color trend is whites; you’re seeing white everywhere you go. Most of them are sheer but there is a lot of variety. Calvin Klein did a more structured summer white this year. Beauty wise you have to be careful because you want your skin to look phenomenal. One of the biggest red carpet tricks is to always use a body spray. Unlike spray tans, they don’t stain your clothes and it’s really inexpensive. A white dress will make all the imperfections in your legs come out and that’s why it’s really important to use body leg spray.

 calvin klein spring summer 2011

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Fabulous! What are the biggest trends for this summer?

One hot summer trend is to mix up prints. There are a lot of abstract floral prints out there and you can mix an abstract floral with a plaid or a stripe. The idea is to mix prints that normally are not together but as one, they look really good. Partially because it’s the unexpected that’s fun. That idea can also be taken to the nails especially for women who can’t bring color into their clothes, such as a corporate environment.

 mixed florals

Wherever I go anymore, people are obsessed with nail color. It’s becoming like jewelry. You can have all the nails the same outrageous color or use color blocking where three nails are hot pink, three turquoise and the rest are orange. The main idea is to paint two colors that you would never think would work together and if you don’t want to mix up colors, I suggest using colors with khaki as a neutral. Sally Hansen Nail Strips (over 20 patterns, $9 each style, in particular have flirty options with zebra stripes, nautical or leopard designs.

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