Sugar Mamas Are On the Rise!

It's the rise of the sugar mama!

Sugar Mamas Are On the Rise!

Sugar mamas are so hot right now!

-Libby Keatinge


When you think of a sugar mama, forget images of desperate horny old women showering their pool boys with gifts. Sugar mamas are on the rise and they are succesful, hot, and in their 40s and love being in control.

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Tara, a 42-year-old sugar mama says, “On average, women still make less than men but, ironically, that also makes them less of a target in a layoff. My guess is that a lot of men with higher salaries have been let go, while the lesser-paid women have kept their jobs, leaving them to be the breadwinners during hard economic times.”

Sugar mamas are attractive for many reasons, says Anand Bhatt, a 34-year-old rock musician who has dated women who made less as well as more that him. “With a ‘sugar mama’ girl, you don’t worry about clinginess. You know that successful women have their own endeavors, and have better things to do than become a man-barnacle.” Read all about the sugar mama phenomenon on!

Libby Keatinge is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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