Suki Skin Care: Advanced Technology + All-Natural Ingredients for Flawless Skin

Not impressed with your skincare products? Try these ones on for size: All-natural Suki Skin Care is clinically proven to perform better than leading synthetic brands. Meet the cre
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nourishing duo

Suki Skin Care’s nourishing two-piece body duo. Love!

BC: Who’s your skincare role model? Living, dead, famous, not—anything goes!

SK: I can’t think of outer beauty without thinking of inner beauty, or an idea of womanhood that embraces the total person. I feel lucky enough to have grown up in the ‘70s, when unlike now, anything went in the media. Women were embracing feminism as the positive word it is and being all they could be. The women I saw on TV influenced me greatly: Seeing their struggles and joys, trying to maintain work and home, being strong and independent, gaining greater equality and the reproductive rights we are sadly still in danger of losing even today.

I can’t really pick one, but the women who influenced my vision of what it means to means to be beautiful always include my mom, an independent working woman holding the family together. Women are all things: Sensitive, bold, emotional, strong, feminine, brash, intelligent, communicative, organized… Seeing strong images of women fighting for their rights—things young girls take for granted today—informed my vision of what a beautiful woman is.

BC: What was the first Suki Skin Care product ever made? Is it still being made now?

SK: My best-selling product was actually my first – our award-winning, fan favorite, Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It’s the most popular because of the amazing results almost every skin type sees immediately after using it: Smooth, dewy skin, fine lines appearance seriously relieved, blemishes reduced, and dry patches smoothed. Having struggled with eczema my entire life and frustrated with the exfoliates out there, I wanted to create a real exfoliate that actually worked. This exfoliate leaves your skin with a clean, non-oily, super purified feeling without stripping or irritating it. The aroma is also a huge benefit, and people always talk about it—I wanted to create an uplifting citrus scent that wasn’t too light or too perfume-y, but which still had some grounding elements. All my foaming products feature this original, earthy Suki aroma blend.

Want ’em? Get ’em here!

BC: Do you have a favorite Suki Skin Care product? What is it and why?

SK: That’s soooo hard for me to say! I use my Exfoliate Foaming Facial Cleanser every single day, which keeps my skin clear of any blemishes and super smooth—and I can’t live without my Lip Repair Butter. I created the lip butter because I live in New England and used to get these deep dry cracks in my lips. Because my long-wear lip butter is heavy enough to actually stay on and HEAL your skin, I no longer have chapping of any kind! And, my Butter Cream Salve is an absolute essential for me, having grown up with eczema. As a bonus: I also have to admit, my Eye Lift Cellular Renewal Cream is like heaven in a bottle: Not too heavy, and great for getting rid of dark circles from lack of sleep!

BC: Can you tell us a little about the process? What goes into the creation of each product, from the initial idea all the way to the finished version?

SK: Shhhh—I’m not going to give away my years of work or trade secrets here! But I will say that everything we do is on that label, and unlike many skincare companies, we are completely transparent. I believe in knowledge. When it comes to actually making products, I don’t hand off my idea to a lab to create them—I personally formulate all of our 100% pure, clinically-proven effective products, and we source all our ingredients ceaselessly for purity, fairness and stability.

My staff also creates and hand-makes our key ingredient base that we use in ALL of our hydrous products—our high-potency rose concentrate. At Suki, we meticulously hand-infuse and triple-filter large quantities of organic, wild-harvested rosa centifolia into the highly concentrated solution we use in our products. In fact, we are one of the ONLY companies out there that doesn’t simply use a water base that makes up approximately 70% of each product’s content. The benefits of using rose are enormous: It’s high in vitamins, it’s an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, it diminishes redness, AND it’s a mood elevator. What’s not to love?

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