Surprising Traits That Reveal Your Personality

these traits tell what kind of person you are ... they may be surprising

Divine Caroline

Surprising Traits That Reveal Your Personality

-Natalie Josef, Divine Caroline

handwritingDid you know that people who like golden retrievers are usually laid back, enjoy nature, and can be too trusting? Did you know that people who list ice cream as their favorite dessert are into sports and hate giving up the remote? All of our choices-even tiny ones-can reveal certain aspects of our personalities. Do you know what you’re revealing about yourself?

What Your Office Workspace Says About You
A study at the University of Texas Austin found that offices can reveal much about a worker’s personality and dedication to the job. In general though, a worker with a highly personalized space is one who is secure about her position and claiming her space.

Empty or Un-Personalized Desk
This indicates either a lack of dedication to the job or someone who is generally dissatisfied with the job-in either case, not a good sign.

Plants, whether they are cared for or not, reveal that a worker is planning to stay at the job.

Candy Bowl/Lots of Supplies
This worker wants people to come visit her and is an extrovert-shy or introverted types would never put anything on their desks that would draw others into their spaces.

Motivational/Inspirational Items
This is an ambitious person who is dedicated to his job and wants to remain engaged-can indicate someone who wants challenges and a chance to prove himself.

Family Photos
This can go two ways. If the photos are placed for others to see, it’s usually a status symbol and done more for the appearance. If the photos are placed for only the worker to see, they are usually genuine reminders of loved ones, which can motivate the worker or ease the guilt of spending so much time away from the loved ones.

Excessive Post-It Notes
Indicates the worker is feeling overwhelmed and not able to keep up.

What Your Hairstyle Says About You
In Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior – Anyplace, Anytime, author Jo-Ellan Dimitrius points out that extremes in hair length, volume, color, or style can provide details about a woman’s personality.

Short Hair
If a woman has a well-maintained and carefully-cut short hairstyle, it can reveal that she is artistic and wants to express herself through her hair. Any high-maintenance hairstyle can be a sign of wealth or that a woman cares about her looks, but short hair requires frequent trips to the stylist, a sign that the woman is okay with spending money to look good. According to Dimitrius, “Spending a significant percentage of one’s income on hair-or any other aspect of personal appearance – suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions, and possibly insecurity.”

Long Hair
Long hair can have multiple meanings. Many women believe that long hair makes them more sexually appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom. Women over forty with long hair can be trying to hold onto their youth (and sex appeal) and may be unrealistic in their perceptions of themselves.

Gray Hair
Women who go “naturally” gray are comfortable with who they are. They have their own opinions about what looks good and what they like.

Mohawks, Multi-Colored Hair, Unique Styles
Obviously this shows that the wearer bucks tradition and doesn’t care what people think of her. The wearers are usually young and adventurous, but wearing these styles into adulthood reveals a woman who has little regard for what conventional society (employers, authority figures) thinks of her.

What Your Choice of Drink Says About You
In a 2007 issue of Maxim, relationship expert Dr. Jackie Black penned, “Cocktail Decoder,” which reveals what a woman’s drink says about her.

High-maintenance, wants others to think she is sophisticated

Red Wine
Health-conscious and conservative, very warm, sensual, and nurturing

Lemon Drop
Fun, fashionable, more likely to be street smart than book smart

A serious drinker, high-maintenance, stressed out or depressed and wants the alcohol to better her mood

Grounded, intelligent, very secure in who she is

Wants to be considered just one of the guys, fun and spontaneous, possibly not comfortable with her femininity

What Your Handwriting Says About You
According to Sylvia Friedman, a certified master graphologist and handwriting analyst who has been working in the industry for twenty-five years, experts look at these criteria when analyzing handwriting.

Small – good concentration, methodical, not very social
Large – people-oriented, outgoing
In the middle – likes to be around people, but values alone time

Wide – don’t want to be overwhelmed or crowded, needs freedom
Narrow – high irritability, one who puts pressure on himself

Shape of Letters
Rounded – creative, artistic
Pointed – intelligent, curious, intense
Connected – makes careful decisions, logical, systematic
Loopy – big imagination, sensitive to criticism, social

Dotting the “I”
Directly over-organized, good attention to detail, emphatic
High over-great imagination
To the left-procrastination
Circle-child-like or visionary
Slashing-irritation, little patience for inadequacy in others

Boxes – needs structure and stability
Flowers – romantic, creative, and idealistic
Triangles – perfectionist, not a risk-taker
Circles – dreamer, takes things personally
Smiley face – optimistic, wants life to be beautiful

Some Quickies
Favorite color
Blue – perceptive, calm, tender, loving, and honest
Green – healing spirit, nature lover, persistent, assertive, and self-confident
Orange – warm, friendly, flashy, and adaptable
Yellow – life of the party, active, versatile, and original
Red – confident, enthusiastic, powerful, and sexual
Purple – mysterious, arrogant, sentimental, and empathetic
Brown – down to earth, stable, dependable, and organized
Black – rebellious, serious, classy, and prone to melancholy
Grey – practical, conservative, mature, and dignified
Pink – kind, caring, feminine, and generous

Nail polish
Pink – romantic
Black/Blue – rebellious
Red – born leader
None – confident and self-sufficient

Email signature
None – you are powerful and assume others know who you are and how to contact you
Long, detailed, with inspirational quote-the more detailed, the lower you are on the food chain.

In Japan, blood type is sometimes used to determine personality and can even be used to dictate what kind of job or relationship would suit you. To me, that seems a bit much and I hate to think that who I am is linked to my biology, which I have no control over. But then again, I paint my nails black and have a mohawk, so maybe I’m just being a rebel.

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