Survive the Holidays and Become Famous With 'How To Go Home'

There's no need to have Grandma run over by a reindeer!

Survive the Holidays and Become Famous With ‘How To Go Home’

There’s no need to have Grandma run over by a reindeer!

-Brittany Roshelle Davis

How to go home

As Thanksgiving and Christmas draw dangerously near, we’re preparing to make the lovely trip home. After all, nothing goes better with below-freezing temperatures than being inspected by the TSA and then thrown into a room full of relatives, right?

If you’re like me, you’re looking for clothes that make you appear to have a celebrity’s physique and preparing polite ways to avoid Aunt Emma’s homemade eggnog. And if you’re bringing someone special home, your might also want to hide any and all photographic evidence of your awkward adolescence: “What, sweetie? I don’t know why my mom doesn’t have any childhood pictures of me up….”

The funny yet uncomfortable holiday season is why How To Go Home has created a witty survival guide for life during the holidays. Their tips include how to talk to your 13-year-old cousin about Justin Bieber and how to make a cocktail using ingredients found at your local 7/11. Who doesn’t love a beef jerky sprig in their beer and mouthwash martini?

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We love it because going home for the holidays is meant to be fun. The crazy situations you find yourself in only add a dash of laughter to your otherwise, embarrassment-free life. We all need a reminder to have a sense of humor during this time of year.

But if that doesn’t help you swallow Aunt Emma’s eggnog, becoming famous will.

On How to Go Home’s website, you’re invited to share your funniest, cutest, or otherwise most amazing holiday photo as a child to be published in a limited-edition holiday book—thus making you famous in the process.

And there are more goodies involved! The “best-in-show” photo will grace the cover and the lucky winner will get a free plane ticket home for themselves or a family member. The deadline for the family photo competition is December 1st.

Check it out and you might end up more famous than Justin Bieber…or at least closer to that possibility than you were.

Brittany Roshelle Davis is a freelance writer who specializes in all things fabulous. For weekly contests, visit her site!

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