Suzanne Somers' Secrets: Daily Sex, Favorite People and Surviving Tragedy

"I am proud of being a survivor." Suzanne Somers opens up about her sex life, her personal tragedies, and her new Sexy Forever project.
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Hormones, hormones, hormones. Honestly, all women (and men) should read at least one of my books on bioidentical, natural hormones. They are my secret weapons to anti-aging. They promote health and sexuality. They sharpen your brain and strengthen your bones. And there has NEVER been one reported case of cancer by anyone using these hormones.

Describe a typical morning in your life:
Every morning I awaken to the smell of my husband’s delicious strong coffee. While it’s brewing, he goes outside when the weather is nice and picks a lemon off our tree and squeezes a half lemon into a glass of water. It’s a great way to get your liver started for the day. I watch the morning shows, usually news, while I do email, use my Facemaster (my non-surgical facelift machine), take my daily fiber and probiotics — a must for gut health and regularity. I rub on my hormone creams and start taking some of my supplements. My yoga teacher comes four days a week and if it’s an off day I do my own version of yoga, and run in place with the waist strap attached to my EZ GYM. Somewhere in my daily ritual we have delicious sex. We are both on natural hormone replacement and it really stirs up the juices.

Wow! How do you keep things so hot with your hubby after all these years?
We try and not go out more than twice a week but when we do I really enjoy getting all dolled up. We have always had a very romantic, sexy, relationship. We like it that way and we work at it. He emails me love notes when I least expect it and in them he says heart-melting things. I am always aware of the privilege that it is to be doing what I love and having my husband by my side.

What are three things you always carry with you in your bag?
iPhone, Purell, and a Somersize protein bar.

Favorite snack?
Mangoes in season and perfectly ripe — I’m glad they’re not in season all year or I’d be a little fatty. And if I want to get bloated, there is a place in the California desert called Hadley Fruit Orchards which sells fresh dates and nuts. About twice a year I get a fresh date shake that I don’t share with anyone. It’s the greatest tasting thing on earth.

What’s your “go-to night-on-the-town” outfit?
My black men’s wool pinstripe Richard Tyler “Suzanne dress” as he calls it. Richard was inspired by the slip Elizabeth Taylor wore in the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and recreated it for me in silver satin with gray lace at the cleavage, also in lavender satin, and then for my Broadway debut, he made it for me in gold satin. Sadly they all burned in the fire, but luckily I had that dress with me the night of the fire, the fabulous black thin wool pinstripe dress with black lace. I absolutely feel like a million bucks in it. Richard Tyler’s clothes make you feel like you’re wearing a dream.

What inspired you to bring Sexy Forever online?
Young people do everything online. They hardly even watch TV. I knew was how I could reach my target audience. Whenever I release a book I get flooded with questions from people who have read it, but want specific information about their personal case. Holding people’s hands through the process was a huge inspiration for creating the companion web site. Now everyone’s questions can be answered and I can help walk them through the plan to lose the weight and get healthy.

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Executive Editor.

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