Sweet Sugar: Behind the Scenes at a Sugar Baby Party

What happens when sugar daddies and sugar babies meet in real life?
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Sweet Sugar: Behind the Scenes at a Sugar Baby Party

What happens when sugar daddies and sugar babies meet in real life?

-Undercover Betty

Sugar Daddy

For many women, their ultimate fantasy is landing a rich guy who will shower them with expensive gifts, fancy dinners and exotic trips – the bigger his bank account, the better. It’s a storyline that tends to get lots of play on TV and in the movies. Except that in addition to being wealthy, the “leading man” almost always also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, runs some sexy multi-national corporation and is always available. Of course, in reality, you might possibly get one of the above, but the likelihood of anything more is pretty far-fetched. But hey, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming, right?

As you may have heard, there are plenty of Internet dating sites that cater to wealthy gentlemen (“sugar daddies”) who want to meet women for “companionship” and ladies who are looking for someone to finance their lifestyles and their dreams (“sugar babies”).

We’ve also heard reports of sugar daddies (some married, some not) who are willing to offer as much as $20,000 as a “monthly allowance” for one of those sugar babies to spend time with them. But is such an arrangement for real?

Recently, we heard that one of the sites promoting these types of relationships  was hosting a meet-and-greet party for members at a cigar bar in Manhattan, so your intrepid reporter decided to check it out and see what the scene is really like.

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The first thing I noticed was the ‘70s disco music blaring throughout the cigar bar.

I haven’t heard Kool and the Gang since my mom sang along to it in the car when I was a kid. But after a quick look around, it seemed like maybe this was  oh-so-intentional, since ‘twas the decade when many of the men in the place  were probably in their prime. The majority of would-be “daddies” were white and they weren’t young (median age 50). They also weren’t fit (most had impressive bellies).

The women came in all sizes, heights, races and ages. All wore dresses — some demure, some that looked like they just exited a stripper pole. One woman, a brunette college student who took the train from her school in upstate New York for the event, seemed eager to talk. When I asked what she thought of the men there, she replied, “I don’t care what they look like, as long as they finance my trip to Barcelona.”

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0 thoughts on “Sweet Sugar: Behind the Scenes at a Sugar Baby Party

  1. What a sad, creepy experience. It seems like some people will go to great lengths in order to not be lonely… or to have someone else pay for everything.

  2. Those ‘sugar babies’ should be ashamed of themselves, using old, lonely men for money! How about get a damn job and start paying for your own trips to Barcelona! If other women can do it without preying on men with deep pockets, than they can, too.

  3. I would LOVE to find a sugar daddy here in MI. I think that I’m too old to be a sugar baby though! My only requirement would be that he is attractive to me. He doesn’t have to be a model, just that I think he is good looking.

  4. ITA with Fashionista – who CARES what they want? since when is it okay to drop down to someone’s level simply to benefit yourself – just because the guy is being shady and lazy, does not automatically mean that these girls should follow suit – go get that trip or whatever else you want – yourself – show some self respect whether they do or not –

  5. Gee girls get real. Money talks! In most of the world that is No 1 with a bullet. True love? Who cares. American women get so bombarded by the myth of “true love” they miss the rest of the job requirements. Compared to divorce she is a cheap! These men spent their youth making money. Now they buy what they need.
    FaithSYZ, remember there is your part is not just to “look good” and have things bought for you. you have to come across with some pretty good enthusiasm and sexual skills or someone else will!!

  6. Interesting…I am single, beautiful, successful and self-sufficient…but certainly do not mind someone showering me with material things…after all, we just want to be happy…if the sugar daddy can fulfil the sugar babe’s needs and vice versa, why not?

  7. just because you haters never got lucky enough to find a sugar daddy doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. if the girl and guy are happy with their situation its not anyone elses place to say there is something wrong with it.

  8. and for those of you who call these girls hookers..no. hookers get money to give to a pimp or somethin, these girls just get money. sounds like they’re just using what they have to their advantage.

  9. Where’s our morale values?SD n SB,is it so glamourous nowadays n that’s how ppl achieve happiness huh,by selling oneselves away?I feel sorry for u already…

  10. No, sorry, can’t do it. I dated an older guy (in his 50s) when I was 33. I had been out with too many guys with no job and/or a lot of baggage, so I decided to try the sugar daddy thing. It was so not worth it. Yes, he had a secure job and owned his own house, but most of the time, we just sat at his home. Yes, he did help me out a little bit by buying groceries and paying a past-due phone bill for me. But I also had to deal with his temper and controlling personality. I finally had enough, and dumped him. I didn’t want to date anybody, I was sick of men, but in a moment of weakness I went out with a shy guy from England. Fast-forward a year and a half later, and I am happier than I have ever been in a relationship. He’s broke,but it doesn’t matter much because he’s so sweet and caring.

  11. And yes, you are being like a prostitute when you are with a sugar daddy. I say that because you put up with stuff you wouldn’t put up with from somebody with no money. Now, I would sooner eat Ramen noodles and answer to no one. My self-respect is worth much more than what any sugar daddy could give me.

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