Fun, Non-alcoholic Drinks that The Hills' Stars Enjoy

There really are non-alcoholic options out there that involve tea that even MTV's The Hills stars drink!

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Fun, Non-alcoholic Drinks that The Hills‘ Stars Enjoy

All the bubble of champagne without the buzz

-Betty Editors

At any gathering, no matter how festive the crowd, it’s important to offer some non-alcoholic options for guests who choose not to drink. But what to serve beyond water and soda?

We found a selection of bubbly beverages that serve up none of the buzz … or hangover. They’re so good – and good for you – that you may want to keep them on hand for everyday sipping as well.

teazazz sparkling tea

TeaZazz Sparkling Tea is a healthy alternative to soda. It’s got the perfect combination of “better-for-you” tea, but with bubbles. And it’s low cal, only 20-25 calories per serving and with no high fructose corn syrup. Two dynamic gal pals founded TeaZazz, a company based in California. Charlie Sheen‘s wife Brooke, Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt from the reality show The Hills, and R&B singer-songwriter, Christina Milian are just a few of the health-conscious celebs who hydrate with TeaZazz.

christina milian drinking teazazz

Twelve, which comes in a wine bottle, is a sparkling blend of teas, fruit juices, herbs and spices. Developed by two of New York City’s superstar chefs, Alfred Portale and David Burke, it’s gourmet enough to serve with your fanciest foods. A delicious alternative to wine. Taste without the hangover!

Golden Star Tea makes White Jasmine Sparkling Tea that comes in is drop-dead gorgeous bottle. No wonder it won the best packaging award at the World Tea Expo in 2008. The tea is hand steeped in tiny batches using only organic tea and is then mildly fermented, which creates a non-alcoholic drink that’s got the perfect balance of rounded sweetness with all the complex acidity of fine wine. Just like white wine, it’s great with cheese, fish, vegetarian dishes and even desserts. We’ll drink to that!

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