Tease Your Guy This Holiday With a Sexy "Santa Baby" Burlesque Dance

Why spend money on a gift when everything your man wants is underneath that sexy lingerie? Allow him to marvel at it by putting on a show he'll never forget.
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Thigh highs

-Thigh Highs. Invest in a pair that match your outfit like these from Hanes ($19.99).

black pumps

-Your sexiest pair of high heels. You know, the ones that make you feel like a goddess when you put them on. Mine looked a little something like these black pumps from Alloy ($33.92).

white boa

-A feather boa. You may have all of the above items already in your possession, but this one is an essential to go out and get (unless for some reason, you already have one!). Trust me, some of the sexiest moves I learned in the workshop involved a boa like this Party City one ($9.99).

-“Santa Baby” by Madonna. Download it on iTunes, or have your guy press play on this YouTube video when you’re ready.

-Confetti, for your grand finale!

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Pink Champagne and Lady Chardonnay
Pink Champagne and Lady Chardonnay

How to Choreograph Your Dance:

Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne stressed throughout the Santa Baby Workshop that it’s not necessarily about the specific moves, but how you move that makes a great, seductive burlesque dance. Some things they mentioned to keep in mind are: always be smiling and confident, even if a move is complicated (like taking off your thigh highs), be playful with peek-a-boo moves that reveal a little more as you go along, and have fun exploring the curves of your body with your hands and your boa.

Here are just a few burlesque moves you can add to your dance to drive your guy wild, but feel free to experiment and create your own sultry routine that shows off your best assets.

The burlesque pose: stand up straight with your right foot out in front of your left foot, toe pointed on the floor and right knee bent so your hip juts out a little to the left. Raise your arms up in a big circle (like a plié in ballet) with your wrists bent down. When your hands meet in the air high above your head, gently caress your arms with your hands as you bring them down, then continue caressing your body from your head, across your chest, down over your hips. Sway to the music as your hands come down.

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  1. @Crtny02 — if you have a healthy relationship with a good guy, this would be fun to do! If you’d be too embarrassed, maybe you don’t feel as comfortable with your guy as you should…

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