Tease Your Guy This Holiday With a Sexy "Santa Baby" Burlesque Dance

Why spend money on a gift when everything your man wants is underneath that sexy lingerie? Allow him to marvel at it by putting on a show he'll never forget.
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Pink Champagne, Faye Brennan and Lady Chardonnay
From left: Santa, Pink Champagne, Faye Brennan and Lady Chardonnay

The thigh high strip: While sitting on the floor, take your thigh highs off the sexy way by rolling them slowly down one leg at a time, so that your hands skim the length of your leg as you go. When you get your thigh high to the end of your toes, kick it off with a giggle as it goes flying across the room. Take the other one off and whip it in the air over your head like a lasso!

The boa shimmy and straddle: Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne say burlesque dancers love to use boas because they can hide a lot behind the feathers, making peek-a-boo moves easier. Use this to your advantage by doing the following move: while standing facing your guy, hold your boa wide and taut with both hands. Press it up against your chest and shimmy as you bend down at the waist and then back up. Then, turn to your left, and put your right leg up and over the boa, like a jump rope. Squeeze your thighs together and slowly pull the boa up between your legs like a rope. Let it trace your body as you pull it up for a super sexy effect.

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The grand finale: Say you’ve just done a whole bunch of steps that have you rolling around on the floor. Finish your delectable show with this awesome trick the burlesque ladies taught me. Throughout the dance, have a small pouch of confetti open and hidden in the cup of your bra for easy access. Then, to end your routine, sit on the floor with your legs together at your side, knees bent (like a pin-up girl). Quickly reach into your bra, grab a bunch of confetti with your fingers and throw it up wide into the air with a wink. End with your arms in the air in the burlesque pose. Your guy will be so enthralled by the performance he’s just seen, he won’t care that you’ve made a glittery mess on his floor.

As you’re making up your dance, remember Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne’s important message: it’s not everyday that you can celebrate and flaunt what a beautiful, sensual woman you are, so take this as an opportunity to do just that. Even if your dance isn’t perfect, by the time the confetti hits the floor, YOU should be smiling first and foremost, because you are one hot Santa Baby!

Tell us: Have you ever danced for your guy? Will you try this “Santa Baby” burlesque dance?

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Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. @Crtny02 — if you have a healthy relationship with a good guy, this would be fun to do! If you’d be too embarrassed, maybe you don’t feel as comfortable with your guy as you should…

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