Tell-Tale Signs He Is a Smooth Operator

Ladies, if it's too good to be probably is!
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smooth operator

You know the deal. There you are, out with your girls, and this attractive, intense looking man keeps making eyes with you at the other end of the bar. You make eyes back, and he walks towards you, drink in hand. He flashes a charming smile and hands you a drink along with some not-so-cheesy pick up line. Your stomach does a flip and you think, “Oh, this guy is good.”

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Fast forward a few hours. You are laughing, chatting it up with Mr. Seemingly Perfect, who now has enchanted all of your friends and even bought a round of drinks (well, a few rounds) for the group. Everyone keeps telling you how great he is, how sexy he is, how into you he seems to be. But, you keep getting this weird feeling in the pit of your stomach. Trying to silence your cynical side, you know, the side that assumes all guys are jerks, you play off your nerves and go with the flow.

Then, the end of the night approaches, and you end up going home together. All night long, he talked about how amazing you were and how perfect you were for him. So, you let down your guard and climbed into bed. But, when you awake the next morning, expecting his dashing smile to greet you, all you stare at instead are some crumpled sheets. No note. No goodbye. No number to reach him at. Oh, and that money you left on the dresser is missing.

Have you just been had?

When all else fails, listen to your gut (because she knows best) and follow this handy guide to see if Mr. Perfect really isn’t so perfect after all…

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