Tell-Tale Signs He Is a Smooth Operator

Ladies, if it's too good to be probably is!
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Mr. Seemingly Perfect never has a hair out of place. He is polished, appropriately dressed and has impeccable taste. He probably drives a “eco-friendly” vehicle, helps little old ladies cross the street, talks endlessly about his charity work, his super-successful business ventures and still makes time to see his little niece’s dance recital. Oh, yeah, and he told you all of this within the first five minutes of meeting you. But, of course, he does so “unwillingly” because he is a humble, noble person. Beware of the man who does it all (and supposedly does it all perfectly.)

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Mr. Seemingly Perfect doesn’t have one bad thing to say about you. Now, don’t get me wrong. If a guy wants any chance for a future with a girl, it would be in his best interest to be flattering. But, if this guy just can’t get enough of laying on the compliments (and laying them on thick), I would take note of the sincerity behind the words. In other words, it’s one thing to be flattered, it’s another to be patronized. While a little sugar is nice, too much will rot your teeth.


You just met, but he is already saying things like, “we should go to my beach house next month in the Hamptons. You will love it there,” or “we must go to this new Mario Batali restaurant that just opened. I know the chef. We will get a great table and the food is amazing. Trust me.”

Don’t trust anything a guy says to you if it starts with “we” the first time you encounter one another. This guy knows what he is doing and is playing off the fact that most women looking to be in a relationship melt (just a little, admit it) when the “we” word is used. Be strong! Don’t give in to the fake “we”.


Wherever you meet this guy, whether it is a bookstore or a nightclub, take note of his energy towards you. Is he trying to rush you out of wherever you’re at to get you alone? Do you feel that he can’t sit still and is treating you more like a trophy than a person? Beware, ladies. Men who are trying to use you can’t do so if your friends or other people are around. So, the first thing he may do is ask if you want to “go somewhere more private where you can ‘talk’.” Sure, because lots of “talking” goes on at one in the morning after you have been drinking and clubbing all night. Don’t let him push you out the door. Besides, it isn’t smart to leave with someone you just met, anyway.


Believe it when people tell you to always trust your gut. We have a built-in mechanism that is there to be utilized in times of stress or confusion. If you start feeling your stomach flip-flopping, or the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, chances are, this guy is no good. It isn’t silly to follow that feeling, it isn’t stupid to trust your own instincts, it’s smart and could save you from a potentially dangerous (or just embarrassing) situation later on. We oftentimes forget to trust ourselves, giving our power away to so many others, but when push comes to shove, believe that you know best.

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6 thoughts on “Tell-Tale Signs He Is a Smooth Operator

  1. danggirl says:

    LOL that guy in the photo totally has an “I’m playing you” gleam in his eye!

  2. Aloofah says:

    Being cynical I might flash my fangs at him with a gleam in my eye giving him a chance to back off.

  3. Being cynical I might flash my fangs at him with a gleam in my eye giving him a chance to back off.

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