Thank You Adam Lambert, From One Bullied Teen to Another

The gay singer reaches out to kids who have been targeted because of their sexuality.

Thank You Adam Lambert, From One Bullied Teen to Another

The gay singer reaches out to kids who have been targeted because of their sexuality.

-Carolyn French

Adam Lambert

As someone who was bullied as an adolescent, I am grateful to Adam Lambert for his desire to get in touch with those who are suffering.

The 28-year-old superstar recently recorded a message aimed at queer youth for gay columnist Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, which comes on the heels of the anti-bullying PSA led by Anne Hathaway.

Lambert certainly experienced his fair share of cruel comments and general ignorance over the years. Because of the recent suicides among gay teens, Adam wanted to support teenagers who feel attacked and alone.

“There’s always going be people that are scared of it,” he says in the video. “But at the end of the day, if you give those bullies and those people that are so ignorant and fearful of your lifestyle, if you give them the power to affect you, you’re letting them win, and they don’t deserve that…”

Lambert also made sure to add a very important message that teens – gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered – don’t hear enough from parents and friends, “I believe in you.”

I have been a victim of bullying, and I know how awful it feels to be harassed because of your sexual orientation and/or physical appearance. When I was in junior high, two boys began following me around, calling me names, and bumping into me in the halls – all because I decided to cut my hair short. It got so bad that my mom had to speak to the principal, which didn’t seem to help much.

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One day I was walking down the path that led from my school to the street below with a couple friends. I soon knew the boys were behind me because it was impossible to ignore their jeers… “Hey! Are you a girl, or a boy?”, “Are you a dyke?!”, “Hey, he-she, we’re talking to you!”

I had had enough. I turned around, marched right up to them, told them they needed to stop and shoved the louder one off his skateboard. My adrenaline was through the roof; they were stunned! After a few minutes I heard “You better be careful, or we’ll have to mess up your face,” to which I replied “Yeah, yeah, keep talkin’ hun!”

To my amazement, I never heard a peep from them after that day. I know that most kids aren’t so lucky, and I hope that these recent tragedies will teach small-minded teens to think about the strong effect they have on their fellow peers.

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Thank You Adam Lambert, From One Bullied Teen to Another

  1. Could someone PLEASE tell me what is up with the short-hair hatred. My hair is short, and I’ve been hassled about it for years. Am I supposed to grow my hair long to keep these jerks happy?

  2. I think this is great proof for why we need to teach children not just about how not to BE bullies — but how to STAND UP for yourself! Good for you Carolyn for sharing this story.

  3. My son is 23 and he’s gay. When he was in school he was constantly picked at. I had to make more than one trip to speak with the principals, etc. His confidence suffered from it and later as a teenager, he became very depressed. There were times when I was afraid of what I might find when I got home from work. Fortunately, we had a good relationship and he talked to me about it. I supported him, his brothers did and so did his friends and he made it thru. He is a fine adult now and I am very proud of him. It breaks my heart to see this happening to others because I know just how much damage it can do – i’ve been on the frontlines with my son. If they could only see that it won’t stay that way and one day all of that bullying would be gone — but at the time it is happening all they can see is the present. I am so glad Adam is putting his story out there and that he is proud of who he is.

  4. Try being a lesbian in the late 70’s in a Mormon family with a mom who was a relief society president!! Between being spit on in the halls, having condiment packets squeezed out on me and dealing with the brutality at home..Remember beating your kids was just ignored back then. I grew up so totally screwed up I’ve yet to have a real relationship, and I’m 48.

    My mother told me I only liked girls because I was fat and ugly and none of the boys wanted me..well, MOM, Thanks to your endless lessons in low self esteem, I grew into adult hood with trust issues and an inability even now to accept myself as a person worthy of someones love.

    Bullying isn’t always from the outsiders that you meet. Sometimes, the worst comes from those who should love and cherish you unconditionally.

  5. I love the It Gets Better project – I’m bisexual and have been telling the adults around me for YEARS that it’s not over, homiophobia still exists and it’s still killing us. But I also feel angry that American adults, if this is the best they can do for their children – you will suffer, try not to die – are betraying their duty of care.

  6. You’re a great mom, Cremebrulee67, more parents out there should be taking a hands on approach with their children as they are growing up to teach them that bullying others is never acceptable. I know there will always be some bad apples out there that no amount of good parenting can help, but the volume of people coming out about being bullied in their past (and present) is so much that is makes you wonder why this isn’t being nipped in the bud at home.

  7. Adam, I knew you had a good heart the first time I saw you on American Idol. I’m a 72 year old woman and I live in Boise, Idaho. I have followed your career because I feel that you are one of the most talented celebrities on the earth today. Now, not only csn the public enjoy this talent, but we also have the privilege of listening and reading about your experiences as a gay man. I am a counselor, and many times just knowing that you’re not “the only one” is the first positive step in the right direction for someone who is suffering. Thankyou for all you continue to do not only for your performance fans, but continuing to use your celebrity for gay youth who so desperately need it! Kudos to you, Adam……….You’re a stand-up guy!

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