The 10 Skankiest Halloween Costumes of The Year!

Here are 10 "costumes” that shouldn't leave the bedroom on Halloween!
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marie antoinette

6. Sexy Marie Antoinette costume ($29.99, You definitely can’t eat cake in this costume.

miltary babe

7. Military Babe costume ($58.95, Let’s just assume her uniform was lost in the line of duty.

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sexy nun

8. Sexy Nun costume ($39, Nuns might be known for their frugality, but skimping on fabric is pushing this a bit too far.

angel babe

9. Angel Babe costume ($49.99, Next time, we’d like more heaven and less strip club, please.

hogwarts hottie

10. Hogwarts Hottie costume ($41.95, What have you done with Hermione and how can we get her back?

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  1. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would wear or appreciate these. Not me! Even if I had the body for it…no thanks. The sushi one is especially interesting. LOL

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