The 10 Sluttiest Halloween Costumes (You Know You Want This)

10 Halloween costumes you should avoid... or rush deliver. On Halloween, the choice is yours.
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The 10 Sluttiest Halloween Costumes (You Know You Want This)

10 get-ups you should avoid… or rush deliver. On Halloween, the choice is yours.

-Faye Brennan

Halloween Honeybee

Despite what you may have heard, there is a line between sexy and slutty on October 31. Sexy costumes are a little bit revealing, definitely playful, but always flattering. A slutty costume is one that barely covers your naughty bits, or is something that only pedophiles and pimps would love.

Yet, Halloween is all about fantasies. Once a year you get the chance to be anything at all, the sky and your imagination is the limit. If you’re in the mood this year to go all out—and let it all hang out—here are 10 of the sluttiest costumes we could find, wrapped in a pretty little bow for you.

Halloween working girl

1. Working Girl costume ($49.95,
Who wants to be Julia Roberts when you can be the broke hooker she played in Pretty Woman?

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Halloween construction worker

2. Sexy Construction Worker costume ($54.95,
Mmmm, hard hats and grease stains – nothing oozes sex more. WD-40 not included.

Halloween schoolgirl

3. School Girl Tease costume ($34,
We’re pretty sure you’re not supposed to leave the bedroom in this one… not even to go to the bathroom.

 Want to be a naughty nurse? Read on!

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43 thoughts on “The 10 Sluttiest Halloween Costumes (You Know You Want This)

  1. Yay heels says:

    These are horrendous! Who would wear them?

  2. booksorclothes says:

    My eyes! My eyes!

  3. shopaholic says:

    A bee that’s a hooker? Seriously? Who comes up with this?

  4. Fashionista says:

    I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing any of these! The Pacman one is ridiculous!

  5. styleezta says:

    I like the vampire showgirl :)

  6. hope_xo says:

    PACMAN! OMG, definitely wouldn’t wear any of these.

  7. mothermeryl says:

    Honestly,I hate the way Halloween has been turned into a day when adults can be as gross as possible. I still like to see the kids walking around the neighborhood with their parents!

  8. HisTechnoAngel says:

    I take my son trick or treating…. and would NEVER wear any of these outside of the bedroom!

  9. HisTechnoAngel says:

    I take my son trick or treating…. and would NEVER wear any of these outside of the bedroom!

  10. uptowngirl says:

    Ugh who comes up with this crap?

  11. bkstar says:

    Pacman one is funny – if I had the body I would wear one – for my man only!

  12. hoovla78 says:

    Let’s be honest, these aren’t Halloween costumes, they’re stripper outfits. Absolutely disgusting that you would even suggest someone wears these for Halloween. I’m really dissappointed!

  13. RedSoxGirl says:

    I’m sure these are for a “select” few. LOL! Yes, I am trying to be nice. WOW! This is why it’s so hard for my teen to find a costume.

  14. moonbaby1o1 says:

    I am sorry but I think these costumes are hilarious! Then again I live near Hollywood and go to WEHO every year for Halloween to walk Santa Monica Blvd with all the rest of the crazy Halloween people.

  15. rgensemer says:

    In order of fantasy hotness:
    1) Schoolgirl
    2) Circus Vampire
    3) Devil Woman
    Any or all will do it for me – thanks for sharing!

  16. rgensemer says:

    Trick or Treat?

  17. SNOOK says:

    JUST WHERE do you wear these costumes?

  18. eatingcookies says:

    @Snook – In the bedroom only, to drive your man nuts.

  19. mellanhead says:

    Some of these I would wear(in the bedroom of course) and like the bee and school girl ones but others are stupid like the pac man

  20. kathiescott says:

    Miss Video Game? Seriously?? Now I know you’re just not trying!

  21. cindychampion12 says:

    Its funny becauase its hard enough finding a costume where your not falling out everywhere, but you might as well just go in a swimsuit with these costumes!

  22. abitnerdy says:

    Whoa that bee costume leaves nothing to the imagination lol

  23. killerqueen77 says:

    oh so fun for in the bedroom though…

  24. IHeartMyKids says:

    @HisTechnoAngel, I don’t think I’d wear many of these outfits IN the bedroom, let alone out!

  25. naynays1 says:

    if u got it flaunt it.

  26. linda21 says:

    I like the Working Girl Costume!

    also, see http://www.21costumes if your looking for slutty costumes!

  27. marriagecoach1 says:

    Thanks for displaying these costumes. It is a reminder for women to embrace their inner slut for the men in their lives. No one says that you need to appear in public in these costumes, but for heavens sake buy one for the man in your life and give him so romance for a change. Too mamy women have the self centrered notion that romance is only meant for them and forget to romance their own husbands.

  28. norcalgal says:

    I think these are more appropriate for “private” dress-up time.

  29. chelle1141 says:

    How about some costumes for real women?

  30. cwiz23 says:

    I think Halloween should be left to the kids, they look so cute in their costumes. You have to be very thin and toned to wear any of these and with the average size being 14, not many would look “cute” in them. I certainly wont.

  31. johnannarufus says:

    I would love to wear those for my husband in the bedroom. Have a play date together. But i wont ever wear any of those to take our children trick a treat.

  32. johnannarufus says:

    i would wear those in the bedroom for my husband. we can roll play. it’s time to play. But i wont wear those to take our kids to trick a treat.

  33. luvbug92499 says:

    i dont think i could wear any of these..i dont think someone could pay me enough!!!

  34. 2010 says:

    Slutville USA?. Halloween is for funny, scary,and cute outfits.

  35. quilligan says:

    LOL No way. You know how cold it gets trick or treating?

  36. zudy77 says:

    I am with Mothermeryl on that one. Haloween is supposed to be spooky not slutty

  37. GetALife says:

    Halloween costumes? I think it’s absolutely disgusting that the majority of costumes for young girls nowadays pretty much suggest that they should dress like a slut. Have you been in the Halloween stores lately? Everything’s “Sexy” this and “Naughty” that. Nothing wrong with some of these in the bedroom, but, seriously, parading out in front of anyone with eyeballs? There are kids out there and they just don’t need to see that.

    No wonder even the little girl clothing is becoming sluttier and sluttier. As a society we have accepted indecency as the norm. Women’s lib?? What a joke! If all we do is market ourselves as sexy toys, we barely have room later to complain about wanting a level playing field. Keep the sexy outfits in the bedroom!

  38. lddcw says:

    The fake, gravity defying, totally unnatural looking boobs only help to enhance the slut look. I guess if you bought them, flaunt them? They want the TRICK, then the treat ($$).

  39. sugardaddy says:

    these are awful. and these are the ones that DON’T cross the sleazy line? I’d hate to see what you guys rejected.

  40. ferriz says:

    im pretty sure the pac man costume would cause any male to be your slave… or cause a system overload they would never be able to recover from.

    and i thought my sailor costume for this year was a bit risque! o.O i guess not…

  41. WikkidLilGrrrl says:

    I probably wouldn’t wear any of them just for the simple fact that I don’t even have the body TO wear any of them :o /

  42. Calvinalibra says:

    Interesting costumes, do wives ever dress up in that kind of stuff, or is it just the single ones?

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