The 2010 MTV Movie Awards: Moments That Cannot Be Unseen

The stars went a little wild with last night's celebration.

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards: Moments That Cannot Be Unseen

The stars went a little wild with last night’s celebration.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise

Let’s talk about the MTV Movie Awards. The fashion was meh (see our recap here), but from Sandra Bullock‘s dramatic kiss to Tom Cruise’s performance, the celebs were going a little wild. 

Ed Helms dressed up like Lady Gaga, sat down at a piano and performed his Hangover hit about tigers and Doug (“Stu’s Song”). Hangover and Community star Ken Jeong donned a tiger-print thong leotard and joined Helms onstage to perform a hysterical/cringe-worthy interpretive dance. We saw a lot of his butt.

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This performance was interrupted by Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez, who desperately tried to redeem themselves with attempts to erase the past several years of their careers from the public’s collective memory. Cruise reprised the role as Tropic Thunder’s mega-producer Les Grossman. He did a funny/awkward dance to Ludacris’ “Get Back,” just like in the film. He was joined by Lopez, who sang her 2005 hit “Get Right,” presumably because she hasn’t had a hit since then. The number was filled with uncomfortable choreography, including a super-awkward booty slap. Watch at your own risk!

Host Aziz Ansari performed a slightly dirty tribute to Avatar, claiming he was standing in for R. Kelly. He ended with a bleep-laden message to BP, naturally.

Lindsay Lohan

And what would a night in Hollywood be without Lindsay Lohan? Lilo and her tatas returned to the red carpet to prove that 1. It is possible to hide a SCRAM anklet under a wide-leg jumpsuit and 2. Out of sight does not equal out of mind. It doesn’t matter how disco-and-boob-tastic your outfit is, we still know what’s hiding on your ankle.

What was your favorite moment at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards? (PopEater, Huffington Post)

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  1. My favorite moments were all 5 awards going to the Twilight movies and the greatest two cute people in the world, Rob and Kristen. I loved that all 5 categories were won. Keep up the good work guys. Love you

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