The 411 on Speed Dating + Win Free Admission to a Speed Dating Event!

Amber Soletti of On Speed Dating offers everything a first-timer needs to know about speed dating. Plus, she's offering 20 Betty readers to attend a speed dating event for FREE!
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The 411 on Speed Dating + Win Free Admission to a Speed Dating Event!

Amber Soletti of On Speed Dating offers everything a first-timer needs to know about speed dating. Plus, she’s offering 20 Betty readers the chance to attend a speed dating event for FREE!

-Amber Soletti

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I’ll never forget my first speed dating event. I was 32, single, living in NYC and SO unimpressed with the dating scene. I had tried pretty much every singles event out there and then decided to give speed dating a go. I signed up for an event for singles 25-35. Upon arriving, I found myself surrounded by a sea of short, unattractive, socially awkward men. My first date started with the guy saying, “I know you, you’re on I emailed you 10 times and you never responded to me. I paid my $40 and now you have to talk to me for 8 minutes.”

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That brutal experience was the catalyst for me being inspired to create my own dating service where I could finally meet the type of men I was looking to meet while subsidizing my income at the same time. Instead of offering dating events based solely on age range, OnSpeedDating offers 75+ niche events for singles of all sexual orientations themed around dating “deal-breakers” and preferences. We offer events like:

“Men With Accents Are Hot” (watch a video of that event here)
“Rescue Me” for women that want to date firemen
“Femme for Femme”
“Cougar/Boytoy” night
“Hung” for women in search of a big package
“Finance-ista” for women that want to date men in finance
“Non-Practicing Jew” night
“Childproof” for singles that don’t want children ever
And because you can’t teach height, “Size Matters” to date men 6’1″ and taller

On Speed Dating

Why Speed Dating:
At a bar, you don’t know who is single and it’s not always easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. With speed dating, there’s WAY less disappointment and false advertising than the online dating scene, as you get to check out the merchandise up close and in-person.

Chemistry is instant– it’s either there or it’s not. Speed dating gives you the chance to assess having a connection with someone without committing to the time and expense of a full-on date. Plus, you can meet anywhere from 10-25 singles in a night. That’s more “dates” than the majority of people go on in a year.

What To Expect:
Most speed dating events take place at bars and lounges, coffee shops or restaurants. Upon arriving you will check in with your event host and receive a name tag, dating pamphlet and pencil. Next, you will be seated at a numbered table with your first “date” of the night. Once the official start bell rings, you will have approximately 3-5 minutes to get to know each other. The dating pamphlets and pencils are to takes notes on your dates so you can remember who’s who after the event.

After 3-5 minutes, a bell will sound signaling the end of the date. At this time, the women will usually remain seated and the men will rotate to the next table. The event will end once everyone has met. You’ll either select your matches online at home after the event, or you’ll turn your pamphlets into your host and they’ll do the matching for you, emailing you the contact information of any interested suitors within 2-3 days after the event.

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2 thoughts on “The 411 on Speed Dating + Win Free Admission to a Speed Dating Event!

  1. mannequin says:

    I’m not interested in speed dating from a personal aspect, but it sure sounds interesting.
    What’s the point of hanging on for dear life on a date if the guy inadvertently broke the deal by being 5’5″ or Jewish, wrong political affiliation, etc.
    Quite interesting. Not sure I agree, but interesting, nonetheless.

  2. My personal aspect on speed dating is that it works for lots of people in this world. There must be a reason why single people seek speed dating as a form to meet new and attractive people.

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