The 7 Stages of a Breakup

It's ending, or you think the relationship is's what you'll go through. It's okay, because you know, in the end, it's going to be MUCH better.
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1. Shock

What just happened? Five minutes ago you had a boyfriend, and now you don’t. If you are the one who got dumped, you find yourself feeling like you’re stuck in a terrible, terrible movie like Bridget Jones 3. If you ended things, you can’t believe that you actually went through with it. What the actual hell just happened? Do you really have to change your Facebook relationship status now?

2. Emotional Breakdown

OMG YOU’RE ALL ALONE. Why isn’t he calling? It doesn’t matter if you would just hang up on him anyway…why doesn’t he care enough to call? Your friends start texting supportive messages, things like “You were too good for him” or “Time is the greatest healer.” They bring over all the Ben and Jerry’s and generously offer to let you borrow their tear soaked, dog eared, highlighted copy of He’s Just Not That Into You. Cry. Sob like your heart is breaking, because well…it is. Don’t get dressed. Call in sick to work. Avoid reality as much as possible.

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 3. Psycho

No seriously, why isn’t he calling? Who is that girl writing all over his Facebook wall? Should you call him? Write long, emotional and drama filled text messages to him but never send them. Play your song over and over and over. Put on the last item of clothing he left at your house and refuse to take it off. Consider stopping by his house at 3am just to talk. Why.Hasn’t.He.Called?

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