The Absolutely Worst Halloween Costumes of The Year

These Halloween costumes are so beyond bad taste, they'll boggle your mind.
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The Absolutely Worst Halloween Costumes of The Year

These Halloween costumes are so beyond bad taste, they’ll boggle your mind.

-Diana Denza

horrible halloween costumes

Whether you’ve been invited to a big Halloween bash or plan on hanging at home with the girls and some cheesy horror flicks, there are quite a few costume faux pas you won’t want immortalized in Facebook photos come November 1.

We scoured the web for ten costumes for guys, gals, and kids that’ll make you want to recycle last year’s ladybug ensemble. This inappropriate gear proves that just ‘cause you can buy it doesn’t mean you should (you won’t believe our #1 pick for most offensive costume of the year)!

ella mental costume

10. Ella Mental costume ($48.60, Since when did a Bellevue straitjacket become sexy? And how can you open doors for trick or treaters while decked out in this? Expect angry kids and cracked eggs on your windows.

country lovin costume

9. Country Lovin’ costume ($39.97, Ick! We could never look at a guy the same way again if he showed up to a party like this. And we don’t think country dwellers will appreciate being linked to bestiality.

pimp kid

8. Pimp Kid costume ($19.99, Dressing your young son up in a faux velvet pimp suit is a great way to teach him to respect women…NOT!

casey anthony mask

7. Casey Anthony Halloween latex mask ($25, Evidence that cashing in on the frenzy surrounding the Casey Anthony murder trial isn’t above some people. They have 5 of these masks available! In July, one bidder actually paid $999,900 for a version used in a parody film about her.

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osama bin ladin mask

6. Osama Bin Laden mask  ($8.99, Walking around as the leader of the September 11 attacks that killed or injured thousands of Americans is a great idea…if you have a death wish.

 You won’t believe the costumes up next!

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