The Bachelorette: Lies Revealed!

A scandal and an olive oil fight both in one episode.
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The Bachelorette: Lies Revealed!

A scandal and an olive oil fight both in one episode.

-Delaina Dixon

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I missed you all last week since I was sunning myself on the beaches of Jamaica, but made it back just in time to catch the explosive episode that we’ve all been waiting for: The reveal of Justin Rego‘s tormented girlfriend back home!

Not that this bit of news has been a big secret. It’s been all over the web that Justin, a.k.a. entertainment wrestler Rated R, was on the show for the wrong reasons and was secretly harboring his gal back in Canada. Note to all former Bachelors and Bachelorettes: If one of your suitors sings, dances, acts or wrestles, they’re just there for the exposure! (Oh, better add flies a plane to that list too!)

What we didn’t know is how it would go down, with a phone call from one of Ali Fedotowsky‘s fellow Bachelorette’s from Jake Pavelka‘s season (feel free to shudder as you read his name), who put Justin’s girlfriend Jessica on the line. She didn’t hesitate to school Ali on how Justin had concocted up this whole idea of being on the show to help jumpstart his career and had, not too convincingly promised Jessica that he’d be back for her hand in marriage, once he made it to the final three.

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With this news, Ali sashayed into the Bachelor pad and confronted Justin about having a girlfriend in front of the remaining Bachelors. Oh. Snap. He did what any self-respecting man caught in a bold-faced lie would do – walked out without saying a word.

Ali tried to get him to explain himself, and this is when Justin got camera-shy (seriously dude, you didn’t have a speech planned out months ago, just in case you got caught?). After putting his lies in order, Justin bumbled through a half-ass denial of being on the show for the wrong reasons, stating he JUST realized that his feelings for his girlfriend were stronger than he even knew, and it was time to return to her.

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  1. The “voice mail” messages Justin supposedly left for his girlfriend during his travels on the Bachelorette were completely staged. Everyone is on this show for fame, not love. Look at Jake and Vienna!

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