The Bachelorette: Lies Revealed!

A scandal and an olive oil fight both in one episode.
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But here’s where signing your life away on a reality contract bites you in the ass. The series actually played the “I’ll always love you” voice mail messages Justin had left for Jessica while Ali and her Bachelors were still in Iceland. His bad! But come to think of it, maybe Jessica has been playing him all along. She did a pretty good job telling her sob story of the lying, cheating boyfriend (with a second girlfriend on the side to boot), and yes, Justin totally deserved it. But now she’s the single gal out and all of America is feeling her pain. Can you say The Bachelorette: Canada Calling?

Ali tries to salvage the day with a date with Ty. I have to admit, I kind of tuned out on this one. Ty basically told her what he learned about life and romance from his divorce, blah, blah, but it was enough for Ali to give him an early rose.

Things got interesting again on the group date when Ali greased down five of her suitors in olive oil to wrestle it out for one-on-one time with her. Kirk, slathered in oil, now that’s what I call a heart-healthy treat!

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Thank goodness Craig won, as he was the only guy yet to have a one-on-one. He wasn’t as traditionally hunky as the other guys, but he seemed to be from the heart. Which means your going home, sucka! This show is about whose got the best abs for the overnight dates, lawyer man!

I’m sure after watching last night’s episode Craig is breathing a sigh of relief. There’s definitely one smart, sassy and sexy woman out there who knows that this lawyer is a major catch. Case closed!

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  1. The “voice mail” messages Justin supposedly left for his girlfriend during his travels on the Bachelorette were completely staged. Everyone is on this show for fame, not love. Look at Jake and Vienna!

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