The Best and Safest Insect Repellents

Your cyber main gay is totally bugged!

The Best and Safest Insect Repellents

Your cyber main gay is totally bugged!

-Harvey Helms

 outdoor party

Okay all my Barbecue Barbie’s! You know I’m just like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind! I’m just a Southern Belle, born and raised in North Carolina. This past weekend I was attending a lovely outside function, when all of the sudden it seemed like I was on the menu! I was totally exhausted from swatting mosquitoes and God knows what else that decided the “Harvey Buffet” was now open for business. To make matter worse, I was sitting by a man who said, “You have to be careful Harvey. You may get the West Nile Virus or the St. Louis Encephalitis. With a tick bite, you may get Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever!” Of course, I had a big gay anti-bug fit!

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If I was being eaten with possible consequences, I knew that some of my delicious beauties out there must be experiencing the same insect torture! And since bug netting didn’t make this summer’s fashion trend list, I knew I must find a good answer So my Pretties, here are the Top three insect repellents, according to ConsumerSearch:

Best natural

 repel bug spray

Repel plant based lemon eucalyptus insect repellent ($6.59, If you’re like my friend Zem Joaquin over at Eco Fabulous, you’ll love this one! Totally natural and effective against mosquitoes and ticks for up to 7 hours!

Best for children and pregnant women

 bite blocker

Bite Blocker organic extreme insect spray ($2.99, Considered best for children of all ages and expecting women, this bug elixir only uses plant based ingredients like soybean and geranium oil.

Best Harvey’s Choice

 off sray

Off! Skintastic Family Care insect repellent I Smooth and Dry ($6.01, All day protection with no greasy feel or over powering citronella smell! This Cinderella doesn’t want to smell like citronella. I also don’t want to feel like I was doused in baby oil.

Now my Scarletts, we can enjoy the rest of the summer barbecue season, concentrating on the important things like, finding Rhett Butler or Ashley Wilkes, instead of insect swatting. It’s so un-lady like.

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See you on the porch with a Mint Julip!



 Harvey Helms is a beauty culturist and writer, drawing on 30 years of experience in cosmetics, fashion and design. Harvey has held positions ranging from Global Director of Beauty for Revlon Cosmetics to Executive Director of Special Events for Donna Karan Beauty. Harvey currently lives and works in Silicon Valley, where he just finished writing his first book in a trilogy of three: an engaging tell-all on the fashion industry. Follow Harvey on .

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