The Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

Yes, you can look beachy keen!
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Big Busts

Holly Madison

If your cup runneth over like Holly Madison, look for a bikini top with plenty of support. Repeat after me: An underwire is your friend. Likewise, a sexy halter top will give your girls a boost without looking tawdry. Speaking of tawdry, try to avoid skimpy triangle tops or bandeaus, which tend to smash boobs together in one unflattering lump.

Go classic in this bold blue two-piece offering plenty of coverage and support for large breasts ($37.50 top, $22.50 bottom,

blue two-piece

Dive into this sweet retro-style top, which is available in a D cup and offers plenty of underwire support ($54 top, $44 bottom,

retro-style top

Designed for top-heavy gals, this underwire top sports a fun turquoise and white print ($42.50 top, $22.50 bottom,

turquoise and white print

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0 thoughts on “The Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

  1. I am liking the tankini thing – my trouble though are my short legs – tankini bottoms don’t help that at all – but going from beach to bar and back all I need is a cute pair of jeans and the tankini top and I am good to go –

  2. This has got to be the absolute DUMBEST most insulting fashion advice article ever. WTF?? I know! Let’s show how women of ALL sizes can look great in a bikini…. by displaying said bikinis using toothpick models shaped like little boys in EVERY SINGLE picture. REALLY?? Do you even know what a PEAR SHAPED woman looks like? That ain’t it. Is this website created by men or are you that afraid to show the truth? Curvy is sexy. And no I’m not overweight, but I have a NORMAL women body complete with a butt and thighs and REAL breasts. This is so aggravating that nobody in society can get away from this toothpick image of the “ideal women”. Let’s make men even more misogynistic while we’re at it! And completely destroy all girls and women’s self esteem! This just makes me so disgusted with being part of the human race. End rant.

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