The Best Diet Drink: Milk

People lose more weight when they drink milk.

The Best Diet Drink: Milk

People lose more weight when they drink milk.

-Jane Farrell

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If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t pass up milk in favor of diet soda or flavored water. Even though milk has more calories, it’s a better weight-loss tool than those other beverages, experts say.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a two-year-long study found adults who drank two glasses of milk per day (the type of milk wasn’t specified) lost an average of 12 pounds; those who didn’t drink milk lost an average of 7 pounds. The study was reported on AOL Health.

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“It may fill people up so they feel satisfied and won’t pig out on more sugary foods.” California nutritionist Douglas Husbands told AOL. He also said that proteins in milk can increase energy levels—a bonus for dieters who might otherwise reach for sugary snacks they’re feeling low-energy.

The Israeli researchers who conducted the study also found that the dieters who drank milk had significantly higher levels of Vitamin D in their body.

That’s especially good news. Vitamin D protects the immune system and can guard against heart disease. But it’s difficult to get in foods, and the other way of getting it – exposure to sunlight – isn’t something people want to do because of the skin cancer risk. (AOL)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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