The Best of Betty: What You Might Have Missed!

Check out what you may have missed on Betty for the week of August 17!
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The Week in Review

The Best of Betty: What You Might Have Missed

Could magical powers fix Jennifer Aniston’s life and can a girl find a decent guy online?

-The Betty Intern

Don’t you wish sometimes that your life could be simpler? You know, like when the ATM swallows your check card at 6 p.m. on a Friday and you’re left with no cash for the weekend and the only thing in your refrigerator is some moldy cheese and half a bottle of flat champagne? That’s why BettyConfidential’s story that asked, “Do you believe in magic?” got me thinking.

I want my own personal tooth fairy or magical genie in a bottle. Or better yet, I wish I could just wiggle my nose and make everything better.


Dirty dishes in the sink? Wiggle them away!
Can’t fit into a size 10 dress? Wiggle my nose and the pounds magically disappear!
I broke the office photocopier again? Wiggle away that mess too!
No date on Saturday night? Ha! Never again! I’ll just twitch my (new, suddenly smaller and perkier) nose and Robert Pattinson will appear on my doorstep!

Robert Pattinson

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