The Best Way to End a Relationship

When it's time to break up, there are tips on how to make it easier (but not less painful) for the both of you
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There’s a time and a place for shortcuts via tech and text, but a relationship isn’t one of them–no text or Facebook break ups allowed! Having a conversation face-to-face is not only more respectful but leaves less room for ambiguity. That doesn’t mean it has to be or should be drawn out, but it should be live. Emphasize that it’s the relationship that’s not working, rather than focusing on personal shortcomings. And wait until you’ve had the conversation to change your Facebook status to single.

Laurie Davis is an online dating coach, founder of eFlirt Expert, and author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. Available in February from Simon & Schuster.

Ending a relationship is so uncomfortable. In my own life I’ve been very cowardly about it because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. However the hurt is inescapable. Being honest, clear and brief is the best way to close the door on a relationship. Don’t leave loose ends; a clean break is the most respectful way to end a relationship.

Taylor Cast is a dating and relationship expert, co-owner of The Urban Dater, and author of I Made All the Mistakes (So You Don’t Have To).

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When breaking up with someone, you should be empathetic of their feelings and honest about why it didn’t work out. This usually speeds up the closure process for both of you. For how and where, face to face at a place that had no shared meaning to your relationship would work best. There you can discuss the breakup clearly with no distractions and avoid a “marathon breakup,” where the breakup becomes an infinite loop of emotions and lack of reason.

And NEVER just disappear, unless you’re okay with a reputation as a mean coward.

Maria Avgitidis is the owner of Agape Match, a matchmaking firm that caters to New Yorkers and Greek-American singles.

Tell us: Do you have the perfect method to break up with someone?

Michelle Mazzarella is Head Tastemaker of Sparkology, a luxury, quality-driven dating website.

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