The Betty Interview With Angelina Jolie: Brad and I Have to Schedule Alone Time

Angie opens up to Betty about Brad Pitt, work, love, life and their children.
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The Jolie-Pitt clan

Do you and Brad want to make another movie together?
We don’t get offered a lot of films for us to do together. We discuss it because there’s always a girl in his film or a guy in mine. It’s something you think about, but you have to respect the audience. On one hand, we’d love to work together and bring the kids with us on that adventure. But it’s hard as a couple to figure out what the audience is comfortable seeing you in together. As much as we’d like to indulge as artists and play together, we’d only do it if the movie could be fun for the fans.

Do you like being this busy?
I like to be very, very, very busy. I don’t sit down well. I’m always running, reading, flying, racing around. I’m always wanting to make another movie. But I can imagine in the years to come that I might slow down on the work front.

What about rumors you will retire from making movies?
It’s not that I’m retiring. There just might be less films at some point.

Will you settle in one place?
The truth is I’d love to live in Africa at some point. I’d love to spend more time flying planes. And artistically, there will be other things to do.

How do you feel about getting older?
I lost my mother not so long ago and there is something about the years passing where you really appreciate life more each day. The amazing part is you have a history with the people you love. And it becomes important for you to stay healthy and age gracefully. I want to see my grandkids. I want to see my children grown and spend the years with Brad. I want everything. And there is a deep pleasure in having these dreams and hopefully watching them come true. I have such a strong family and that helps me embrace it all.

Do you worry about lines and wrinkles?
I think aging is beautiful on both men and women.

Cindy Pearlman is a nationally syndicated entertainment writer and the co-author of The Beauty Cookbook and The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

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0 thoughts on “The Betty Interview With Angelina Jolie: Brad and I Have to Schedule Alone Time

  1. Wow — this is an awesome interview — she really sounds like such a cool person, totally devoted to and appreciate of her family and all the love in her life. Go Angie!!

  2. “the twins have this deal where they run off in different directions at the same time. So, we have gates all over inside the house.” That is just too adorable! I really enjoyed this interview with her!

  3. with identical twin granndaughters I am very familiar with that trick of both running in different directions! – it is exhausting, especially when you have other little ones in the house as well –

  4. I know she is a very spiritual person but I still feel her & Brad getting together at the expense of Jennifer Aniston was not right. I know love can come at anytime but…

  5. Sorry still don’t like her and cant wait till the Morton book comes out. Maybe if she had close girlfriends she wouldn’t be so cavalier about taking a husband from another woman.

  6. Aren’t we all just over them. Angelina is just a little too creepy (the freaky, a-moral beauty but kind philanthropist). Brad is the real loser that got away with everything. It’d be nice to not see them on the cover of a magazine at the grocery check-out even for a week. I think you’d hear the world take a collective sigh of relief! :)

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