The Bettys' Celebrity Sex-ception List

Everyone has a few celebrities they're allowed to boink if they were ever to meet them in person-here are the BettyConfidential staff's choices!
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The Bettys’ Celebrity Sex-ception List

Everyone (married or single!) has a few celebrities they’re allowed to boink if they were ever to meet them in person—here are ours!

-The Betty Editors

Zac efron

1. Robert Pattinson- Call me crazy but I love the thin, pale look on men. Maybe it’s really his character Edward Cullen that I want to have take a bite out of me.

2. Zac Efron- The body and the face are perfecto! That boy is quickly turning into one sexy man– and I’d be happy to teach him a thing or two in the sack.

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3. Javier Bardem- I like my men how I like my coffee—Spanish. Sorry, Penelope. Congratulations on marrying such a stud!

-Sarah Polonsky, Senior Editor

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0 thoughts on “The Bettys' Celebrity Sex-ception List

  1. booksorclothes says:

    fun list!

  2. kitty says:

    What — no hot chicks on this list? Come on Bettys — where’s your sense of adventure?

  3. uptowngirl says:

    Why isn’t there a pic of Johnny Depp???

  4. weetziebat says:

    lol @kitty, I agree….

  5. CityLady212 says:

    Perhaps a threesome with Penelope and Javier would be fun…

  6. Fashionista says:

    Jon Hamm and RDJ seem like popular choices.

  7. lovesbetty says:

    Zac Efron is HOT. But how could you ever be into rpatz?

  8. FFlotus says:

    FAYE WINS for the best picks. ; )

  9. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    u have Zac on here twice

  10. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    oh, nvm, now i see, separate lists. lmao…i fail

  11. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Tom Felton. Sorry, but there is something about him…..maybe part of it is his main character he is known for. I love a bad guy.

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