The Biggest Sex Scandals of 2011

2011 sure was an... interesting year for scandals of a sexual nature...
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The Craigslist Congressman

Craigslist congressman

He was just sending a shirtless photo of himself to a stranger on Craigslist. What could go wrong? Married Congressman Chris Lee resigned shortly after his flexing portrait went humiliatingly viral.

Nude Photo Hacking Scandals


“Somebody stole my nudie photos,” Scarlett Johansson told Dave Letterman. “They were out there for all the world to see which was, uh, unfortunate, really.” That’s not how voraciously voyeuristic Internet trollers saw it. Pretty soon her Smartphone snapshots were being ogled, imitated and meme-ified despite her legal team’s protests. Earlier in the year, another hacker (or possibly the same one?) littered the Web with alleged photos of Blake Lively, captured admiring her own figure in the bathroom mirror. Unlike ScarJo, Lively went on record that the shots weren’t actually of her, but by then a larger question had emerged: how much time do celebrities spend ogling themselves in the mirror?

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The Inappropriateness of Herman Cain

Herman Cain

After a string of sexual misconduct accusations and news of an alleged 13-year affair bubbled to the surface, Republican 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain finally dropped his campaign for the White House.

Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses

Charlie Sheen

Remember when Charlie Sheen decided to take two concubines for his palace? And remember how one of them also doubled as his children’s nanny in between her duties as a high priestess of pleasure? And remember how both goddesses were forced to kiss in his live show like two Barbie dolls mashed together by a crowd of rapacious Sheen followers? And remember how half the country was horrified and the other half was high-fiving and making t-shirts with the catchphrase ‘Winning’? Yeah, that was something.

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