The Brain Battle: 30 Rock vs. The Office

We put the characters from two of our favorite shows through an ultimate challenge of wits.
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Tracey Jordan vs. Dwight Schrute

The Loose Cannon: Tracy Jordan vs. Dwight Schrute

In a competition for all-around weirdness, they’d both be Jedi masters. Tracy has walked around naked in LaGuardia Airport, fallen asleep on Ted Danson’s roof and tried to stab Conan O’Brien (even in a fictitious television shows, dude can’t get a break at NBC!). Dwight might lack social skills, common sense and the ability to fend off Jim’s pranks, but the part-time beet farmer constantly pulls in top numbers and has even been ranked Salesman of the Year.

WINNER: Truly a hard call, but since Tracy’s antics would never fly outside of NBC’s hallowed halls. Dwight takes the prize.

The Closed Book: Stanley Hudson vs. Grizz

Stoic and not much for words, these two generate laughs whenever they do have something to say. But Stanley manages to skewer Michael without attracting any ire. On the contrary, Michael even seems to appreciate it – a mark of true comedic talent.

WINNER: Stanley’s acerbic wit, though Grizz’s pithy remarks rank a close second.

The Pearl of Wisdom: Dot Com vs. Phyllis Lapin-Vance

More than once, the very likeable Dot Com has uttered a barrage of SAT words when he’s not busy with Tracy’s shenanigans. More than once, Phyllis has outsmarted Michael Scott, earning her way onto the basketball team and into Santa Claus’s pants. (Not in that way! She wore the costume at the holiday party). So, while Dot Com is an integral part of the entourage, Phyllis runs the show from behind the scenes, deftly maneuvering through a sea of office politics while her coworkers remain none the wiser.

WINNER: Dot Com would win a popularity contest, but  Phyllis takes the (office party) cake.

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0 thoughts on “The Brain Battle: 30 Rock vs. The Office

  1. uptowngirl says:

    These are my two favorite shows! I think Dot Com is my favorite character – whenever he speaks, he’s really smart and funny.

  2. FBNYC says:

    This is hilarious! I love both shows, but I’ve never realized how similar the characters are until I read this. I’m partial to The Office though.

  3. girleegirl says:

    This is super smart with great comparisons.

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