The Brain Battle: 30 Rock vs. The Office

We put the characters from two of our favorite shows through an ultimate challenge of wits.
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Jenna Maroney vs. Kelly Kapoor

The Drama Queen: Jenna Maroney vs. Kelly Kapoor

Don’t ever let these two be in the same room – there would be way too much drama for your mama. Kelly lives for gossip, can’t stop thinking of ways to make Ryan jealous and alters Dwight’s and Jim’s paperwork when they skip her America’s Got Talent party. When she dates Darryl, Kelly actually asks him to choose between her and his daughter. Jenna can’t breathe unless she’s center stage and in the spotlight. Objects of her jealous rages have included Tracy, new guy Danny, and even Liz, for landing a cover of Time Out New York. But whereas Kelly’s schemes rarely leave the ground, Jenna has managed to steal a solo back from Danny. Well played, Maroney.

WINNER: Jenna, by many blond hairs.

The Fresh Face: Jonathan vs. Erin

As Jack’s executive assistant, Jonathan regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty: When Jack needed a Christmas present for Liz, Jonathan drove all the way to Pennsylvania and removed a piece of the stage from her high school auditorium. But, sometimes, the overt admiration for his boss edges into the realm of the uncomfortable – no matter how close you are with your direct supervisor, it’s never a good idea to secretly videotape and serenade him.  Given that she has a foster family, Erin seems to have overcome some rough patches in her life, but still manages to keep the weird our of the workplace.

WINNER: Overall, Erin. But if you can handle the eccentricity, why wouldn’t you want an assistant like Jonathan?

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