The Brain Battle: 30 Rock vs. The Office

We put the characters from two of our favorite shows through an ultimate challenge of wits.
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Kenneth vs. Kevin

The Boy Wonder: Kenneth Ellen Parcell vs. Kevin Malone

What kind of a world is it where bumbling Kevin gets to keep his job, while ever-so-earnest Kenneth is fired with cause? Kevin, is being a total dimwit really an excuse to talk to Pam’s breasts? Kenneth’s simpleton ways, on the other hand, almost seem intentional and are a result of his endearing naïveté. Don’t peg him as a pushover, though: When warranted, he stands up to his opportunistic co-workers – and hyper-competitive NBC Pages – and occasionally whips out Olympic-worthy moves.

WINNER: Kenneth, for his winsome smile and winning attitude.

The It-Girl: Cerie vs. Pam

The modelesque Cerie is always great for a laugh, especially when it’s accidentally at Liz’s expense. But Pam, who has also attracted a fair share of suitors, is far more competent and has managed to earn a promotion, even if that stint in art school didn’t lead to anything.

WINNER: Supermom Pam

The Odd Couple: Frank Rossitano vs. Angela

Despite his raunchy remarks and her prim overtones, they have quite a bit in common. They’re both collectors: her house is filled with cats; his closet is lined with hats. And since they’ve each dated at least two co-workers, it’s clear that they’re not afraid to dip their pens in company ink. Forget competing; these two would be the oddest office couple ever. They’re both so full of crazy that it might actually work out.

WINNER: Love! (Translation: no one.)

THE VERDICT: A tie! The real winner is all of us for getting to look forward to new seasons.

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