The Celebrity Life: Scoring Swag at the HBO Pre-Emmys Event

Emmys party: Celebrities really are just like us! Except they are rich, famous and get free stuff everywhere they go. Um... oh, wait ...

The Celebrity Life: Scoring Swag at the HBO Pre-Emmys Event

Celebrities really are just like us! Except they are rich, famous and get free stuff everywhere they go. Um… oh, wait …

-Heather Taylor

LL Cool J Olivia Munn HBO Luxury Lounge

Friday afternoon might have started off gloomy and gray (a rarity for LA), but at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the mood was anything but. HBO was holding their 9th Annual Luxury Lounge Pre-Emmy event featuring the L’Oreal Paris Beauty Suite and Klipsch Listening Lounge. Or as I like to think of it as, the day in which I received so much swag bag freebies, my hands could barely hold it all. Seriously the straps of the bags left my hands all pink and burning. I can see … it’s tough to be a celebrity!

While actual celebs like Olivia Munn and LL Cool J (pictured above), plus Jerry Ferrara, Joe Manganiello, Michael Stagliano, Kei$ha, Melissa Joan Hart and more wouldn’t stop by until Saturday before the Emmys, Friday was a day out for the media members to get a taste of what it’s like to score free goods from top luxury brands like Solstice Sunglass Boutique, Purity Vodka, Brahmin Handbags, and the HBO Shop. Let me tell you, it tasted good.

Melissa Joan Hart HBO Luxury Lounge Emmys
Melissa Joan Hart hearts L’Oreal

L’Oreal handed out free bags stuffed with cosmetics, including the new Voluminous False Fiber Lashes mascara set to release to stores nationwide in October. Honeys, I’m giving you the sneak peak now so you know to buy it immediately when it hits the market – so worth the purchase! A quick stop over to jeweler Sophia Fiori rewarded me with a complimentary blue diamond pendant, which was incidentally the first diamond anything I’ve ever owned in my life and left my jaw hanging close to the floor at how exquisitely designed it was. Shoe designer Michael Antonio handed out gift cards for a free pair of heels, Gamefly set up a booth allowing members of the media to try out some of their latest video games, and Brahmin Handbags awarded guests with free wallets (most excellent in timing because my own broke just the week before). From the Solstice Sunglass Boutique, I even scored a pair of shades recently worn by Kate Hudson. Nice! Too bad there wasn’t more sun outside to properly wear them though. I know. Celeb life is TOUGH.

You never forgot that this was an HBO event, no matter where you went or what you did. Even while I was having my hair styled by the L’Oreal team (and one phenom hairdresser Christoph, who has styled Emma Thompson and Diane Keaton and “adores” them both), I sipped on a complimentary True Blood “Bloody Mary” and later on the themed “Mrs. Ari” cocktail inspired by Entourage. Ingredients for that one included Basil Hayden’s bourbon whiskey, coconut water, and pink lemonade. It was absolutely delish! As one of the HBO ad execs would remark to me, I had my True Blood colors on for the day (red and black), as I picked up a complimentary soundtrack from the show, joined the listening room with the V-MODA headphones available to use, and grabbed a bottle of True Blood — the carbonated soda drink (sorry, fangers!).

While getting my makeup done from April, one of L’Oreal’s cosmetic team members, I ogled her vanity table loaded with the biggest and most drool-worthy selection of cosmetics around and said, “Every bathroom in America should come pre-furnished with this!”

Just a thought for the next Extreme Home Makeover crew to keep in mind!

There was a part of me that had to keep pinching myself a little bit at just how incredible everything I received was. Like, was this my life right now? Right there on the floor,with about four gift bags stocked to the brim? Even my handbag was stuffed with freebies because I ran out of room in my bags for everything. I don’t know how the stars do it – their complimentary gifts are probably much larger too! Methinks they have their very own Sherpa tote everything around for them. I’ll take that job, no problem!

Speaking of celebs at the event, the day after I was there, newly single Olivia Munn was overheard at the Solstice Boutique talking about dating. Munn, who was informed that Joe Manganiello was on his way, commented, “He’s not my type besides I don’t date actors.” Well, OK then!

Jerry Ferrara HBO Luxury Lounge Emmys

Some more gossip: Jerry Ferrara stopped by with his lady Alexandra Blodgett (above). The two stopped at Michael Antonio booth where Jerry picked out a pair of wedges for his girl who then quipped, “Babe, you’re not going to like it if I get these tall wedges!” Jerry answered back, “I don’t care if you’re taller than me, but you make me feel like I should care!”

The entire event was super laid back and relaxed. Kind of like being at a spa, except towards the end, Basil Hayden’s treated me to a complimentary 8-year-old bottle of Kentucky bourbon whiskey.

HBO Emmys Luxury Lounge Healther Taylor
It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…

Welcome to the good life. Can I please stay here forever and let my days and nights be a never-ending array of free gifts and publicity events? Please?

Heather Taylor is BettyConfidential’s LA correspondent. She works a f/t job as well, so don’t be too jeal! Check her out at

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